Completion Certificate Issued List - 2007
Collage of CMDA Building, CMBT, MRTS, ORR and CMDA Expansion in English and Tamil
Sl.No. Applicant Name Site Address Approval details Completion Certificate / Partial Completion Certificate issued for CMDA Lr. No. & Dt. Completion Certificate No
1 S.Sridharan Plot No.61, Halls Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-10. Lr.No.B3/18020/2005 dt.26.9.05 Stilt+4 floors EN1/2594/07 dt.10.4.2007 EC/North/1/2007 dt.12.4.2007
2 S.Sridharan F-81, Plot No.169, 2nd Street, Anna nagar, Chennai-102. B/Spl.Bldg/ 326/2005. Lr.No.B3/12187/05 dt.12.9.05 Stilt+3 floors EN1/2593/07 dt.10.4.2007 EC/North/2/2007 dt.12.4.2007
3 J.Uttamkumar Plot No.5089, Old No.Z, Block No.233, New No.Z-10, 6th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. B/Spl.Bldg/ 70/2006 Lr.No.B3/30610/05 dt.1.3.06 Stilt+4 floors EN1/13232/06 dt.10.4.2007 EC/North/3/2007 dt.12.4.2007
4 Kasturi Raj Plot No.270, Door No.16, P-Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai-102. Lr.No.B3/8135/2005 dt.4.7.05 Stilt+4 floors EN1/24661/06 dt.10.4.2007 EC/North/4/2007 dt.12.4.2007
5 Rajarathinam Constructions Pvt.Ltd. Block No.31, Kamarajar Road, Kodungaiyur village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/328/A to K/2005 dt.13.9.2005. Lr.No.B3/35881/04 5 Blocks Stilt+4F. & Stilt pt.+GF pt.+4F - 185 d.u. & shops & recreational EN2/11413/06 18.4.2007 EC/North/5/2007 dt.18.4.2007
6 V.P.Rajamurthy C.E, LIC of India No.32 (Old No.35), Thiruvengadam Street, R.A.Puram, Chennai-28 B/Spl.Bldg/38 A to C/2005 Lr.No.B1/27612/04 dt.7.2.05 Stilt+4F with 16 dwelling units ES1/6453/05 dt.19.4.07 EC/South/6/2007 dt.19.4.2007
7 Malathi Adityan New No.3, Old No.1, Vijayaraghavachari Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. B/Spl.Bldg/439/2005 Lr.No.BC1/21814/05 dt.15.12.05 Stilt+3F office bldg. EC2/24138/06 dt.20.4.07 EC/Central/7/2007 dt.23.4.2007
8 V.G.Janarthanan M/s.Yuga Homes Ltd. No.15, Old No.8, Justice Sundaram Road, R.S.No.3339/5,3398/18,3340/10 & 3340/12, Block No.66, Mylapore, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/119 A&B/2006 Lr.No.B1/27057/05 dt.23.3.06 Stilt+4F with 12 dwelling units ES1/12068/06 dt. 9.5.07 EC/South/8/2007 dt.9.5.2007
9 V.S.Mahesh AL-23/214, Plot No.2937, 14th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/151/2006 Lr.No.B3/26869/05 dt.21.4.05 GF+3F residential building with 8 dwelling units EN1/1592/07 dt.23.5.07 EC/North/9/2007 dt.23.5.2007
10 M/s.Lancor Properties Ltd. Old No.49, New No.44, Beach Road, Arunachala Nagar, R.S.No.166/2pt., T.S.No.16, Block No.56 of Thiruvanmiyur B/Spl.Bldg/302/2005 Lr.No.B1/8994/05 dt.17.8.05 Stilt+3 floor+4th floor part with 7 dwelling units ES2/9166/06 dt.31.5.07 EC/South/10/2007 dt.31.5.2007
11 G.Gopikrishnan, P.H. of S.Natarajan & 3 others Old No.4, New No.5, Ramappa Nagar 2nd Cross Street, in S.No.56/1A3 of Perungudi Village. B/Spl.Bldg/427A-C/05 Lr.No.B2/817/05 dt.7.12.05 2 Blocks 21 d.u. (Block-II Stilt+2F - 1 d.u. & Block-I Stilt+4F - 20 d.u) ES3/18048/06 dt.4.6.07 EC/ITC/11/2007 dt.4.6.2007
12 J.Srinivasan & Others T.S.No.62/17,62/18,68/30 Door No.79, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Vadapalani, Chennai-26. B/Spl.Bldg/100AB/04 Lr.No.B4/36302/03 dt.3.3.04 Stilt+4 floors commercial EC3/25449/06 EC/Central/12/2007 dt.6.6.2007
13 Kamalchand Baid & Others T.S.No.24/3 to 9, Block No.38 of Thiruvanmiyur village, East Coast Road, Chennai. C/PP/MSB-IT/48AtoE/2006 Lr.No.C3/18050/05 dt.17.11.06 Basement+Stilt+8 floors IT Building ES2/23122/06 dt.12.6.07 EC/South/13/2007 dt. 12.6.2007
14 V.S.Saravanan No.1/1, United India Colony 4th Cross Street, Kodambakkam, Chennai-24. B/Spl.Bldg/330A&B/05 Lr.No.BC1/1420/05 dt.13.9.05 Stilt+4 floors residential with 12 d.u. EC3/23829/06 dt.13.6.07 EC/Central/14/2007 dt.13.6.2007
15 B.K.Kanapathe (POA) No.46/23, 3rd Trust Cross Street, Mandavelipakkam, R.S.No.4311/112, Block No.97, Mylapore, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/97/2006 Lr.No.B1/25704/05 dt.10.3.06 Stilt+4 floors residential with 4 dwelling units ES1/12059/06 dt.15.6.07 EC/South/15/2007 dt.15.6.2007
16 Akshya Homes (P) Ltd. T.Chittibabu, M.D. Old No.6, New No.13/1&13/2, 1st Cross Street, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20,, Block No.14 of Kalikundram village. B/Spl.Bldg/79/06 Lr.No.B1/22168/05 dt.6.3.06 Stilt+4 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units ES2/12093/06 dt.15.6.07 EC/South/16/2007 dt.15.6.2007
17 J.E.Joseph POA of J.Rajkumar Balsingh No.G4, Plot No.1110, 14th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. S.No.128pt, Villivakkam village. B/Spl.Bldg/395/05 Lr.No.B3/18695/05 dt.7.11.05 Ground+3 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units EN1/4135/07 dt.19.6.07 EC/North/17/2007 dt.19.6.2007
18 R.Yuvarajan M/s.Ramesh Rajan Constructions Pvt.Ltd. S.No.300/1, 300/2B & 302/A of Thiruneermalai Village B/Spl/Bldg/366 AtoI/05 Lr.No.B2/36037/04 dt.28.9.05 Block-I: Ground+3 floors. Block-III&IV: Stilt+Ground+3 floors, Block-VII: Stilt+Ground+3 floors+4 floor(pt.). ES3/25514/2006 dt.20.6.2007. EC/South/18/2007 dt.20.6.2007
19 Arihant Foundations & Housing Pvt.Ltd. No.201/89,203/90,205/94,207/2, A.K.Swamy 1st Street, Secretariat Colony 7th Street, T.S.No.3173/212, Block No.55, Purasawalkam, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/260/AtoH/05 Lr.No.B3/9136/05 dt.22.7.05 2 Blocks of Stilt+4 floors residential building with 4 dwelling units. EN1/19793/05 dt.5.3.07 EC/North/19/2007 dt.26.6.2007
20 Suresh Kumar Old Door No.9, New No.17, plot No.MIG-100, 7th Cross Street, Sastri Nagar, Chennai-20, T.S.No.1, Block No.36 of Urur Village. B/Spl.Bldg/325A&B/06 Lr.No.B2/10268/06 dt.12.7.06 Stilt+4 floors residential building with 4 dwelling units. ES2/16775/06 dt.27.6.07 EC/South/20/2007 dt.27.6.2007
21 C.K.Sridhar (GPA) New S.No.28/2B16A, 28/2B16B & 32/1A of Nandambakkam village. B/Spl.Bldg/17AtoL/05 Lr.No.BC1/17370/04 dt.31.5.05 Group Development (2 Blocks Stilt+4 floors residential building with 106 dwelling units. ES3/1633/07 dt.28.6.07 EC/South/21/2007 dt.28.6.2007
22 T.Chitty Babu Old No.68, New No.156 & 157, Village Road, Nungambakkam, R.S.No.543/4, Block No.31, Nungambakkam villalge. B/Spl.Bldg/524/04 Lr.No.BC1/351/04 dt.28.10.04 Stilt + 4 floors office building. EC1/34619/04 dt.29.6.07 EC/Central/22/2007 dt.29.6.2007
23 M.Balasubramaniam, Director of Investwell Property Services Ltd. No.91, G.N.Chetty Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17, T.S.No.7160/3 & 7160/5, Block No.117 of T.Nagar Village. B/Spl.Bldg/439/04 Lr.No.B1/15247/04 dt.31.8.04 Stilt + 4 floors office building. EC2/27644/04 dt.3.7.07 EC/Central/23/2007 dt.3.7.2007
24 Gokul R.Bhathija No.450/744, Poonamallee High Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-10 in R.S.No.23/70, Block No.15, Egmore Village B/Spl.Bldg/371/06 Lr.No. B3/4520/06 dt.10.8.2006 Basement part + Ground Floor for clinic of area 281.49 m2 and 1st, 2nd & 3rd floor Residential Building with 6 dwelling units EN1/17272/06 dt.3.7.07 EC/North/24/2007 dt.3.7.2007
25 The Director, Madras School of Economics T.S.No.1 of Kottur Village, Kotturpuram, Gandhi mandapam Road. C/1474/30AtoC/03 Lr.No.C4/10087/03 dt.21.3.03 Ground+2 floors office building ES2/23437/03 dt.3.7.07 EC/South/25/2007 dt.3.7.2007
26 The Director, I.C.M.R Tuberculosis Research Centre R.S.No.465/16, Block No.29 of Egmore Village, Chennai-31. C/1448/4/AtoK/03 Lr.No.C4/17027/02 dt.3.2.03 Basement+Ground+3 floors EC1/3739/06 dt.4.7.07 EC/Central/26/2007 dt.4.7.2007
27 M/s.Chaitanya Builders Leasing Pvt.Ltd. Door No.11, Old No.5, Venus Colony 1st Street, R.S.No.1551/6, Block No.30 of Mylapore village. B/Spl.Bldg/436/05 Lr.No.B2/20765/05 dt.14.12.05 Stilt+3 floors residential building with 4 dwelling units. ES1/17397/06 dt.4.7.07 EC/South/27/2007 dt. 4.7.2007
28 M.Hariharan No.149, L.B.Road, T.S.No.40/1, Block No.20 of Thiruvanmiyur village. C/PP/MSB/40AtoD/2005 Lr.No.C3/5317/03 dt.31.10.05 Basement+Stilt+9 floors residential building with 24 dwelling units. ES2/4170/06 dt.4.7.06 EC/South/28/2007 dt.4.7.2007
29 A.Jenix Dev Singh (POA) M/s.Petro Enterprises Ltd. S.No.190/1, 193/1A,2A &193/3A of Nolambur village B/Spl.Bldg/322AtoK/05 Lr.No.B3/8892/05 dt.2.9.05 5 Blocks of Stilt floor + 4 floors Residential Building with 176 dwelling units EN3/8242/07 dt.4.7.07 EC/North/29/2007 dt.4.7.2007
30 P.Kruthivas, POA for K.Rajan & Others Door No.27/15, Plot No.15,16, Ranganathan Garden, Anna Nagar, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/37A&B/06 Lr.No.B3/20654/05 dt.2.2.06 Stilt + 2 floors+3rd floor pt. + 4th floor pt. residential building with 9 dwelling units. EN1/11290/06 dt.6.7.07 EC/North/30/2007 dt.6.7.2007
31 M/s.Mct.M.Global Investment Pvt.Ltd. Old No.56, New No.50, Halls Road, in R.S.No.87/24, Block No.9 of Egmore Division, Kilpauk Garden, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/413/05 Lr.No.17432/05 dt.16.11.05 Stilt+4 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units EN1/11657/07 dt.6.7.07 EC/North/31/2007 dt.6.7.2007
32 R.S.No.453/2,4, 459 & 463/1,3,8&9, Block No.28 of Egmore village, Poonamallee High Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-10. Planning Clearance C/PC/MSB/13A/B/05 Lr.No.C3/11595/04 dt.11.5.05 Ground+2 floors Police station. EN1/12033/07 dt.6.7.07 EC/North/32/2007 dt.6.7.2007
33 The Inspector General of Police, Headquarters, Chennai-4. S.No.1024/4, Block No.19 of Tondiarpet Division, Rajagopal Street, Singara Garden, Chennai. Planning Clearance B/Spl.Bldg/5AtoD/05 Lr.No.B3/14938/05 dt.24.10.05 Ground+3 floors Police Quarters EN2/12094/07 dt.6.7.07 EC/North/33/2007 dt.6.7.2007
34 M.Hari Door No.24, Melony Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17, T.S.No.6681/1&3, Block No.142 of T.Nagar village. B/Spl.Bldg/114/05 Lr.No.BC1/39874/04 dt.15.4.05 Stilt+4 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units. EC2/11137/07 dt.6.7.07 EC/Central/34/2007 dt.6.7.2007
35 Vishranthi Homes Pvt.Ltd. Old Door No.20/21, New No.12/10, Sivaganga Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-84, R.S.No.532/18,25, Block No.29. B/Spl.Bldg/315A&B/05 Lr.No.BC1/8693/05 dt.31.8.05 Stilt+4 floors residential building with 7 dwelling units. EC1/10645/06 dt.6.7.07 EC/Central/35/2007 dt.6.7.2007
36 V.Ravichandran, POA for A.M.Murasoli Old Door No.33, New No.38, Sarangapani Street, T.Nagar, Chennai-17, T.S.No.6892, Block No.108-B, T.Nagar Village. B/Spl.Bldg/99/06 Lr.No.BC1/1851/06 dt.13.3.06 Stilt+4 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units. EC2/10708/07 dt.6.7.07 EC/Central/36/2007 dt.6.7.2007
37 K.Balasubramani, GPA for T.Vasudevakini Plot No.2269, Door No.111, AE-Block, New No.AE-14, 10th Main Road, T.S.No.2/12, Block No.1 of Thirumangalam village, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. B/Spl.Bldg/29/06 Lr.No.B3/22889/05 dt.31.1.06 Stilt+3 floors residential building with 6 dwelling units. EN1/12730/06 dt.6.7.07 EC/North/37/2007 dt.6.7.2007
38 Dr. D.Sujai Anand, P.A.Holder of K.Kannan S.No.370/2C1,2D,6A2,6A3,6AB,2AB & 370/2A9, J.J.Nagar, E.B.Road, Mogappair East, Mogappair village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/63AtoD/06 Lr.No.B3/18054/05 dt.22.2.06 3 Blocks of Stilt+4 floors residential building with 96 dwelling units. EN3/12556/07 dt.6.7.07 EC/North/38/2007 dt.6.7.2007
39 M/s.A.R.Foundation Door No.67, Old No.23, R.S.No.1148/2,3, 1147/11, Block No.24, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, TTK Road, Mylapore village, Chennai. C/PP/MSB IT/52AtoN/06 Lr.No.C3/5316/05 dt.1.12.06 Double Basement+Ground+11 floors+12th floor part of IT building. ES1/10760/06 dt.9.7.07 EC/South/39/2007 dt.9.7.2007
40 Pravin Jain Door No.3/16, Karnan Street, Rangarajapuram, Kodambakkam, Chennai-24 in T.S.No.4/108, Block No.45 of Puliyur villalge. B/Spl.Bldg/11A&B/06 Lr.No.BC1/18056/05 dt.10.1.06 Stilt+4 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units. EC3/9096/07 dt.9.7.07 EC/Central/40/2007 dt.9.7.2007
41 N.Sairam, POA of S.Sankaran & Mrs.S.Krishnamoorthy Door No.1, Bazullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17, T.S.No.7153, Block No.117 of T.Nagar Village. B/Spl.Bldg/431/05 Lr.No.BC1/24105/05 dt.12.12.05 Group Development of residential building. Block-A Stilt+4 floors with 4 dwelling units and Block-B Stilt+4 floors with 8 dwelling units. EC2/10094/07 dt.9.7.07 EC/Central/41/2007 dt.9.7.2007
42 K.Vaidhyanathan Plot No.141, Old Door No.17, New Door No.18, 4th Main Road, Telepost Colony (Postal Colony) West Mambalam, Chennai-33, T.S.No.19, Block No.60 of Kodambakkam village. B/Spl.Bldg/221/06 Lr.No.BC1/5749/06 dt.16.5.06 Ground+3 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units EC2/11929/06 dt.9.7.07 EC/Central/42/2007 dt.9.7.2007
43 N.Sairam, GPA of S.Kalyanaraman & S.Mohanakrishnan Door No.6, Old No.77, 18th Street, S.No.99/2 (document), 99/12 (patta) of Ullagaram village. B/Spl.Bldg/435A&B/05 Lr.No.B2/27129/05 dt.14.12.05 Group Development of residential building. Block-A Stilt+4 floors with 8 dwelling units and Block-B Stilt+3 floors+4th floor part with 7 dwelling units. Total-15 dwelling unis. ES3/10107/07 dt.11.7.07 EC/South/43/2007 dt.11.7.2007
44 Gokul R.Bhathija (POA) 12 & 14, Balfour Road, Kellys, Chennai, R.S.No.3138/10 of Block No.52, R.S.No.3138/38 of Block No.53 of Purasawalkam. C/PP/MSB/29AtoE/05 Lr.No.C3/787/05 dt.5.8.05 Basement floor+ Ground floor+7 floors+8th floor part Commercial cum Residential Building with 26 dwelling units, Office & Shop EN1/20359/06 dt.11.7.07 EC/North/44/2007 dt.11.7.2007
45 S.Ravi Old Door No.14, 2nd Street, Bakthavatchalam Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20, T.S.No.24, Block No.15 of Pallipattu village. B/Spl.Bldg/190/01 Lr.No.B1/1920/01 dt.31.5.01 Ground+2 floors residential building with 3 dwelling units ES2/2375/01 dt.11.7.07 EC/South/45/2007 dt.11.7.2007
46 Samuel Sathyakumar (GPA) Door No.5/3, Chandrabagh Avenue 1st Street, Mylapore, Chennai-4, R.S.No.1063/33, Block No.22 of Mylapore village. B/Spl.Bldg/250/05 Lr.No.BC1/2031/05 dt.20.7.05 Stilt+4 floors residential building with 4 dwelling units. ES1/13335/05 dt.11.7.07 EC/South/46/2007 dt.11.7.2007
47 The Director, M/s. Sintron Electronics Pvt.Ltd. Plot No.4 & 5, Perungudi Industrial Layout, S.No.12/8 and 12/11, Seevaram Village, Chennai. C/PP/MSB/42 AtoC/06 Lr.No.C3/3930/96 dt.5.10.06. Stilt + 4 Floors IT Office building abutting to the Existing Ground Floor + First Floor Industrial Building. ES3/21808/06 DT.12.07.07 EC/ITC/47/2007 dt.12.07.07.
48 Member-Secretary, Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board, Chennai-32. T.S.No.1/2, Block No.5, Arumbakkam, Chennai - 106. B/Spl.Bldg./62 A&B/06, Lr.No.B3/17516/05, dt.22.02.06. Basement Floor + Ground Floor + 3 Floors Office Building. EN1/6271/07 dt.12.07.07. EC/North/48/2007 dt.12.07.07.
49 The Midland Rubber Products Company Ltd. Old Door No.7, New D.No.1, Turn Bulls Road, Old R.S.No.3901/1 Part, New R.S.No.3901/25, Block No.25 of Mylapore Village. B/Spl.Bldg./14 A&B/06 Lr.No.B2/19295/05, dt.10.01.06. Stilt Floor + 4 Floors residential building with 4 dwelling units. ES2/17399/06 dt.13.07.07 EC/South/49/2007 dt.13.07.07.
50 M.S. Soundararajan (GPA) P.H. of Mrs. Indira Soundararajan. Old D.No.17, New No.1, Plot No.6, 2nd Street, Prithivi Avenue, Abiramapuram, Chennai - 18, R.S.No.3672/11, Block No.72, Mylapore, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg./187/06, Lr.No.B1/1358/06, dt.25.04.06. Stilt + 4 Floors residential building with 5 dwelling units. ES1/10856/06 dt.13.07.07. EC/South/50/2007 dt.13.07.2007.
51 Sumanth Subramanian, Managing Director, M/s. Sumahth & Co., GPA for Mr. N. Krishnaswamy. Plot No.37, Door No.9 (Old No.3) Old S.No.4237/30 & 4045 Part, R.S.No.4237/30, & 4045/9 (as per Patta), Block No.89 of Mylapore, Thiruveethiamman Koil Street, Ramakrishna Nagar, R.A.Puram, Chennai - 28. B/Spl./Bldg./249/06 Lr.No.B2/28129/05 dt.24.05.06. Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 4 dwelling units. ES1/14735/06 dt.13.07.07 EC/South/51/2007 dt.13.07.2007.
52 K. Vaidyanathan D.No.163 & 164, Rangarajapuram Main Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai - 24 in T.S.No.84/3, 84/9, Block No.39 of Puliyur Village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg./450/06 Lr.No.BC1/11006/06 dt.19.10.06. Ground Floor + 3 Floors Residential Building with 12 dwelling units. EC3/10705/07 dt.13.07.07 EC/Central/52/2007 dt.13.07.2007.
53 C.K. Sridhar TNHB RBH Block-'P', 18th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai 83 in T.S.No.12, Block No.30 of Kodambakkam Village. B/Spl.Bldg./73/06 Lr.No.BC1/20766/05 dt.2.3.06. Stilt + 4 Floors Residential Building with 9 dwelling units. EC3/9097/07 dt.16.07.07 EC/Central/53/2007 dt.16.07.2007.
54 The Inspector General of Police, Headquarters, Chennai-4. Police Quarters at S.No.1764/3, Block No.26 of Dakshinamurthy Koil Street, Tondiarpet, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg./1 A&B/06 Lr.No.B3/34083/04 dt.23.01.06 Ground Floor + 3 Floors (Police Quarters) with 104 Dwelling units. EN2/12095/07 dt.16.7.07 EC/North/54/2007 dt.16.07.2007.
55 C.T. Muthuvalliappan D.No.28 Venkatesapuram Colony South Street, Aynavaram, T.S.No.65, Block No.36 of Ayanavaram Village. B/Spl.Bldg./375/06 Lr.No.B3/9691/06 dt.11.08.06 Stilt + 3Floors (5 Dwelling Units.) EN1/11362/07 dt.18.7.07 EC/North/55/2007 dt.18.07.2007.
56 V.S. Suresh (POA) R.S.No.4288/94, Block No.94, MRC Nagar, Adyar, Chennai. PP/MSB/25A/P/04 Lr.No.C3/33055/03 dt.14.10.04 Basement Floor + Stilt + 16 Floors Residential Flats with 43 Dwelling Units and Swimming Pool. ES2/8552/07 dt.19.7.07 EC/South/56/2007 dt.19.07.2007.
57 A.G. Rama Rao and others. T.S.No.38, Block No.53 of Thiruvanmiyur Village, No.T.38, 16th Cross Street, Besant Nagar, Chennai - 600 090. B/Spl.Bldg./71 A&B/06 Lr.No.B2/23697/05 dt.17.03.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 7 Dwelling Units. ES2/10714/07 dt.20.7.07 EC/South/57/2007 dt.20.07.2007
58 S.Subramanian S.No.394/1pt., T.S.No.247/2, Block No.99 of Kodambakkam village, MIG Plot No.14, P.T.Rajan Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78. B/Spl.Bldg./03/06 Lr.No.BC1/30478/05 dt.3.1.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 8 Dwelling Units. EC3/10709/07 dt.20.07.07 EC/Central/58/2007 dt.20.07.2007.
59 Mehul H.Doshi Door No.339, Konnur High Road, Ayanavaram, T.S.No.130 to 149, 153/1,2,154,155 & 199, Block No.25 of Ayanavaram village. C/PP/MSB/18 AtoH/05 Lr.No.C3/16340/04 dt.7.6.05 Block 1&2: Stilt+11 floors residential building with 168 dwelling units and Block 3: Ground+1 floor Gym & Swimming pool & Children play area. EN1/21434/04 dt.20.7.07 EC/North/59/2007 dt.23.7.2007
60 Sr. Josemary, Presentation Convent Door No.59, Harris Road & No.1, Marshall Road, Egmore, Chennai-8. C/905/61AtoG/03 Lr.No.C4/18330/03 dt.11.12.03 Ground+first floor School building and Sisters Quarters EC1/12723/05 EC/Central/60/2007 dt.24.07.2007.
61 The Inspector General of Police, Headquarters, Chennai-4. T.S.No.5724/1 pt., Block No.29, T.Nagar, Muthurangan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. Planning Clearance B/Spl.Bldg/3AtoI/05 Lr.No.B2/26013/03 dt.27.5.05 Ground+3 floors - 22 Blocks (17+5) with 156 dwelling units. EC2/14269/07 EC/Central/61/2007 dt.24.07.2007.
62 The Inspector General of Police, Headquarters, Chennai-4. S.No.1596/1, Block No.49 of Pudupet village, Drivers Street, Egmore, Chennai-8. Planning Clearance B/Spl.Bldg/2AtoF/06 Lr.No.BC1/16149/05 dt.6.2.06 Ground+2 floors - 2 Blocks & Ground+3 floors - 17 Blocks with 197 dwelling units. EC1/15096/07 EC/Central/62/2007 dt.24.07.2007.
63 Rajarathinam Constructions Pvt.Ltd. Door No.46pt, Kamaraj Road, T.S.No.60, 62, 66/1 & 73/1, Block No.31, Kodungaiyur Village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg./167 AtoC/06 Lr.No.B3/23535/05 dt.18.4.06 Ground Floor + 3 Floors Residential Building with 113 dwelling units. EN2/12569/07 dt.25.7.07 EC/North/63/2007 dt.25.7.2007
64 A.Mohammed Ali (POA) New No.7, Old No.4, Velachery Byepass Road, Velachery, Chennai-42, S.No.463/1,2, 464/1A, 466 & 470/2 of Velachery village. C/PP/20A/G/05 Lr.No.C3/10799/04 dt.19.6.05. Block A,B&C Stilt+9 floors residential building with 214 dwelling units and Swimming pool. ES2/1749/07 dt.26.7.07 EC/South/64/2007 dt.26.07.2007
65 P.Bhavani Door No.52, Nelson manickam Road, Plot No.B, Gangadhar Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai-29. B/Spl.Bldg/371AtoI/04 Lr.No.BC1/9906/04 dt.23.7.04 Block-A: Stilt part+ Ground floor part+3 floors+4th floor part with 60 dwelling units. Block-B: Stilt+4 floors with 24 dwelling units. Total 84 dwelling units, EC1/14404/07 dt.30.7.07 EC/Central/65/2007 dt.30.07.2007.
66 Sheela Ranganathan Plot No.18/20, S.No.44/1Apt., T.S.No.24, Ward No.D, Block No.8, Door No.26, 6th Main Road, Nanganallur village. B/Spl.Bldg./369/05 Lr.No.B2/17864/05 dt.28.9.05 Stilt floor part+ Ground floor part+ 3 floors+4th floor part residential building with 8 dwelling units. ES3/14410/06 dt.2.8.07 EC/South/66/2007 dt.2.08.2007
67 M/s.Lancor Properties Ltd. Old Door No.T21 A&B, New No.5&7, 6th Avenue, Besant Nagar, S.No.150, T.S.No.48, Block No.53 of Thiruvanmiyur village. B/Spl.Bldg./68/07 Lr.No.B2/19802/06 dt.26.2.07. Stilt+3 floors+4th floor part Bank cum residential building with 3 dwelling units. ES2/21536/06 2.8.07 EC/South/67/2007 dt.2.08.2007
68 N.Rajasekar (GPA) Door No.177, Velachery Road, S.No.50A/1A & 50A/B of Selaiyur village. B/Spl.Bldg.359AtoC/05 Lr.No.B2/3137/05 dt.23.9.05 Ground+3 floors residential building with 42 dwelling units cum commercial building (Ground floor partly Departmental Store) ES3/30522/05 3.8.07 EC/South/68/2007 dt.3.08.2007
69 The Director Software Technology Parks of India T.S.No.2/5, Block No.8, Thiruvanmiyur village, CSIR Road, Thiruvanmiyur. C/PP/MSB/1AtoD/06 Lr.No.C3/20286/05 dt.30.1.06. Basement floor+ Ground floor+3 floors - IT Building ES2/2378/07 dt.7.8.07 EC/South/69/2007 dt.7.08.2007
70 R.Gopal P.A. of K.Sivasubramanian Door No.9, Plot No.B.20, 2nd Street, Thiruvengadam Nagar, Ambattur, Chennai. B/spl.Bldg/74/06 Lr.No.B3/29345/05 dt.1.3.06 Ground Floor + 3 Floors Residential Building with 12 dwelling units. EN3/12554/07 dt.10.8.07 EC/North/70/2007 dt.9.08.2007
71 M/s.Chaitanya Builders & Leasing Pvt.Ltd. Old Door No.12, New No.2, Santhome High Road, R.S.No.4573/34, Block No.101 of Mylapore village, Chennai. B/spl.Bldg/55/06 Lr.No.B1/27271/05 dt.17.2.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 6 Dwelling Units and Bank space. ES1/21608/06 dt.10.8.07 EC/South/71/2007 dt.10.08.2007
72 Dr.L.Subramanian & Hemamalini Subramanian C/o.Bhagiyam Construction. Old Door No.6, New No.11, Seethammal Road, Alwarpet, Chennai-18, R.S.No.3763 part & 3762/4 (as per document) R.S.No.3762/21 & 3762/35, Block No.74, Mylapore, Chennai. B/spl.Bldg/232/06 Lr.No.B1/1277/06 dt.18.5.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 4 Dwelling Units ES1/12853/06 dt.10.8.07 EC/South/72/2007 dt.10.08.2007
73 M/s.Sumanth & Co. New No.V-8, Old No.42, Plot No.4175, Block No.V, 12th Street, Arignar Anna Nagar Scheme, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40 in S.No.97pt. & T.S.No.396, Block No.2 of Mullam Village. B/Spl.Bldg/182/06 Lr.No.B3/2888/06 dt.26.4.06 Stilt + 3 Floors Residential building with 3 Dwelling Units EN1/14304/06 dt.10.8.07 EC/North/73/2007 dt.10.8.2007
74 S.Sukumaran Old Door No.45, New No.47, Sadullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17, T.S.No.5865, Block No.131 of T.Nagar village. B/Spl.Bldg/170/04 Lr.No.B1/31562/03 dt.8.4.04 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 4 Dwelling Units EC2/13028/04 dt.14.8.07 EC/Central/74/2007 dt.14.8.2007.
75 Shanthi Thyagarajan Door No.39, North Usman Road, T.Nagar, T.S.No.5088/1&2, 5089/1&2, 5090/1&2, Block No.118 of T.Nagar Village. C/PP/MSB/231AtoL/04 Lr.No.C3/41155/03 dt.7.10.04 Double Basement+ Stilt floor+1st floor with MF+2nd floor with MF+3rd floor with MF+4th floor to 10th floor - Commercial building. EC2/23472/04 dt.14.8.07 EC/Central/75/2007 dt.14.8.2007.
76 A.Ravi Krishnakumar (POA) Plot No.38,39&40, Dhandeeswaran 4th Avenue, Thiruvallur Co-op. Housing Society, S.No.270/10 of Velachery village. B/Spl.Bldg/222A&B/05 Lr.No.B1/2604/05 dt.30.6.05 Stilt + 3 Floors Residential building with 12 Dwelling Units ES2/17728/05 dt.16.8.07 EC/South/76/2007 dt.16.08.2007
77 J.Selvam Plot No.5,6,&7, S.No.234/1A1B, 237/1B of Mogappair village, Panneer Nagar, Chennai-37. B/Spl.Bldg./123A&B/06 Lr.No.B3/29988/05 dt.23.3.06 Stilt + 3 Floors +4th floor part Residential building with 21 Dwelling Units EN3/9759/07 dt.16.8.07 EC/North/77/2007 dt.16.08.2007
78 M/s.Excel Foundations Plot No.68, 1st Main Road, Raju Nagar in Old S.No.213/1A1A1A3 pt., New S.No.213/1B (as per patta), Okkiam Thoraipakkam village. B/Spl.Bldg/154/06 Lr.No.B2/30328/05 dt.6.4.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 8 Dwelling Units ES3/14414/06 dt.17.8.07 EC/ITC/78/2007 dt.17.08.2007
79 N.Sairam Door No.33, Plot No.B, Park Road, U.R.Nagar, Padi, Chennai-50, S.No.13/1A3 & 13/2A, Padi village. B/Spl.Bldg/432A&B/05 Lr.No.B3/17775/05 dt.14.12.05 Stilt + Ground + 3 Floors Residential building with 9 Dwelling Units and Bank. EN3/16404/07 dt.17.8.07 EC/North/79/2007 dt.17.08.2007
80 M/s. Muthiah Chettiar Charitable & Educational Trust R.S.No.4288/8, Block No.94 of Mylapore Village, MRC Nagar Main Road, R.A.Puram, Chennai - 28. C/PP/MSB/14A/D/2005 Lr.No.C3/8002/04, dt.12.05.05. Basement Floor + Stilt + 13 Floors residential flats (with 26 dwelling units.) ES2/14280/05 dt.20.08.07 EC/South/80/2007 dt.20.08.2007.
81 M/s. Kochar Properties Ltd., (POA) for M/s. Addisons & Co. Ltd., S.No.249/2B (Part), T.S.No.6, Block No.199 of Velachery Village, Door No.37, Tambaram - Velachery Main Road, Velachery, Chennai - 42. C/PP/MSB/10 A/E/2007 Lr.No.C3/30602/2005, dt.23.03.07. Basement Floor + Stilt + 9 Floors Office Building. ES2/8696/07 Dt.21.8.07 EC/South/81/2007 dt.21.08.2007.
82 H.E.Abdul Azeez & Others Door No.89,91&93, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai, R.S.No.1701/1, Block No.36. C/PP/MSB/11 A/E/2003 Lr.No.C3/37650/03, dt.17.7.03. Basement Floor + Grund floor+ 8 Floors Office Building. ES1/19601/03 Dt.23.8.07 EC/South/82/2007 dt.23.08.2007.
83 Suresh Kumar (POA) V.Kasturi & Others Old Door No.29 & 30, New No.10&12, D'Silva Road, Mylapore, Chennai, R.S.No.1650/4,1650/5, 1650/6, Block No.34, Mylapore. B/Spl.Bldg/344A&B/06 Lr.No.B1/6819/06 dt.19.7.06 Stilt + 3 Floors Residential building with 3 Dwelling Units ES1/16160/06 Dt.23.8.07 EC/South/83/2007 dt.23.08.2007.
84 A.Jenix Dev Singh S.No.193/1B,1C,2D,1G,2B,3B & 194/1&2 of Nolambur village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/323 AtoK/05 Lr.No.B3/9601/05 dt.2.9.05 3 Blocks of Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 136 Dwelling Units EN3/17048/06 dt.24.8.07 EC/North/84/2007 dt.24.08.2007
85 C.Kasthuri Raj Plot No.125, Old Door No.21, New No.3, C-Block, 9th Street, Anna Nagar, T.S.No.74, Block No.8, Periyakudal village. B/Spl.Bldg./375/06 Lr.No.B3/6736/06 dt.26.6.06 Ground+3 floors residential building with 7 dwelling units and Departmental Store. EN1/14305/06 dt.29.8.07 EC/North/85/2007 dt.29.08.2007
86 Dr.Violet Rajagopalan C/o.Sekar Alagappan Door No.7, Ram Nagar 3rd Main Road, Nanganallur, Old S.No.95/18, T.S.No.82, Wartd No.E, Block No.15, Adambakkam Village. B/Spl.Bldg/497/04 Lr.No.B1/21175/04 dt.11.10.04 Ground+3 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units ES3/12026/07 Dt.29.8.07 EC/South/86/2007 dt.29.08.2007.
87 R.Rajagopal (GPA) Old S.No.117/2B1A1, 2B1A2, 2B1A3, New No.117/3A, 42 & 4A of Okkiam Thoraipakkam village, OMR. C/PP/MSB IT/26AtoK/2007 Lr.No.C3/25837/2005, dt.14.6.07. Basement+Ground+7 floors - IT Building ES3/14575/06 EC/ITC/87/2007 dt.30.08.2007
88 Vattiyan Afsa & Others New No.58, Old No.34, 28th Cross Street, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20. B/Spl.Bldg/195/06 Lr.No.B1/4434/06 dt.2.5.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 8 Dwelling Units ES2/14693/06 Dt.3.9.07 EC/South/88/2007 dt.3.09.2007.
89 M/s.Kamak Plastics Pvt.Lltd. Plot No.DP 12-A (SP), Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai-32, T.S.No.12, Block No.5 of Alandur village. C/PP/MSB IT/16AtoD/2007 Lr.No.C3/5738/2005, dt.16.4.07. Basement+Stilt + 6 Floors - IT building. EC3/11846/07 dt.3.9.07 EC/Central/89/2007 dt.3.09.2007.
90 Sanjai I.Jain Mansi Mansion', No.22, Mullah Sahib Street, Sowcarpet, Chennai-79. C/PP/MSB IT/26AtoD/2007 Lr.No.C3/39882/04 dt.21.8.06 Basement+Stilt + 6 Floors - MSB IT Office building. EC3/16189/07 dt.3.9.07 EC/Central/90/2007 dt.3.09.2007.
91 K.Ramalingam New Door No.10, AL-202, 14th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai, T.S.No.197, Block No.9/B, Naduvakkarai village. B/Spl.Bldg./292/03 Lr.No.B3/11066/03 dt.2.7.03 Ground+3 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units EN1/16955/07 dt.5.9.07 EC/North/91/2007 dt.5.09.2007
92 M/s.Lancor G.Corp. Properties Ltd. Door No.35/11, Kellys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-10, T.S.No.3103/2, Block No.50, Purasawalkam village. B/Spl.Bldg./573/04 Lr.No.B3/17514/04 dt.22.12.04 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 8 Dwelling Units EN1/3068/06 dt.5.9.07 EC/North/92/2007 dt.5.09.2007
93 T.V.Ravichandran (POA) New No.15, Venkataraman Street, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. B/Spl.Bldg/230AtoC/05 Lr.No.BC1/14087/04 dt.6.7.05 Block-A: Stilt pt.+Ground floor pt.+3 floors with 10 dwelling units & Departments store. Block-B: Stilt + 4 floors residential building with 8 dwelling units. Totally 18 dwelling units. EC2/16548/07 dt.7.9.07 EC/Central/93/2007 dt.7.09.2007.
94 N.S.Radhakrishnan (POA) for Mrs. Anjali Devi & Others Plot No.392 & 393 of Nehru Nagar in S.No.318/33 & 318/34 of Kottivakkam village. B/Spl.Bldg./193 A&B/06 Lr.No.B2/28855/05 dt.2.5.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Office building. ES3/17516/06 dt.7.9.07 EC/ITC/94/2007 dt.7.09.2007.
95 R.Subramanian No.36, Krishnasamy Avenue Road, Chennai-4, T.S.No.1674/15, Block No.35, Mylapore, Chennai-4. B/Spl.Bldg./355 /06 Lr.No.B1/3391/06 dt.26.7.06 Stilt + 3Floors Residential building with 3 Dwelling Units ES1/16159/06 dt.8.9.07 EC/Southl/95/2007 dt.8.09.2007.
96 Thiru T.Chittibabu M/s.Akshaya Homes GPA Holder for M/s.Indus Properties. S.No.255/1A and 255/2, Nolambur village, Chennai B/Spl.Bldg./332 A-N/05 Lr.No.B3/33682/04 dt.15.9.05 4 blocks of Stilt floor + 4 floors & 1 block of Basement (pt) + stilt floor( Pt) +Ground floor( Pt) +4 Floors residential building with 118 dwelling units, Gym and Library. EN3/10172/07 dt.8.9.07 EC/North/96/2007 dt.8.09.2007
97 Shantha Suresh Plot No.2, S.No.180/1A1A1pt, 185/1pt, 185/2,185/3, 185/4, 185/5, 185/6pt., 185/7, 185/8pt. & 185/9 pt. of Perungudi village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg./391 A-F/05 Lr.No.B2/14939/05 dt.25.10.05 Group Development of Row housing of Ground+1 floor residential building with 41 dwelling units and partly club house. ES3/17280/06 dt.11.9.06 EC/ITC/97/2007 dt.11.09.2007.
98 M/s.Virgo Properties Pvt.Ltd. Rep. by M.D, Thiru T.Shyam Prasad S.No.24/3A,3B,4,5A,6A,6B,6C,8A,8B, 25/1B1,2A,2B,3,4A,4B and 25/5 of Okkiam Thoraipakkam village, 200' MMRD Road and True Valle Park Villa Road. B/Spl.Bldg./356 A-J/05 Lr.No.B1/3133/05 dt.23.9.05 11 Blocks of Stilt parking+4 floors residential building and 1 Block of Ground+2 floors clum cum residential building with 182 dwelling units. ES3/13191/06 dt.11.9.06 EC/ITC/98/2007 dt.11.09.2007.
99 S.Goutham Shankar M/s.MPL Cars Pvt.Ltd. S.No.23/1B3, Pallikkaranai village, Velachery-Tambaram Road, Chennai. C/PP/MSB IT/17AtoE/2007 Lr.No.C3/17103/2005, dt.23.4.07. Stilt + 7 Floors - MSB IT building. ES3/11297/07 dt.11.9.07 EC/South/99/2007 dt.11.09.2007.
100 K.R.Pradeep, DGM, Administration, Lanson Motors Pvt.Ltd. S.No.57/3A1, 65/6B & 65/7B of Pallikaranai village, MMRD Road, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg./392 A-F/06 Lr.No.B1/24613/05 dt.12.9.06 Basement+Ground+Mezzanine Floor+ 2 floors ES3/22867/06 dt.12.9.07 EC/South/100/2007 dt.12.09.2007.
101 S.Malathi Old No.28, New No.22, Plot No.238, 1st Cross Street, West CIT Nagar, Chennai-35, T.S.No.49, Block No.15, Govt. Farm Village. B/Spl.Bldg./231/05 Lr.No.BC1/40006/04 dt.8.7.05 Ground+2 floors residential building with 3 dwelling units EC2/18566/05 dt.13.9.07 EC/Central/101/2007 dt.13.09.2007.
102 N.Varadharajan New No.31, Old no.19, Dr.Radhakrishnan Road, Mylapore, Chennai-4 in R.S.No.1732/1, Block No.37, Mylapore. B/Spl.Bldg/310/04 Lr.No.B2/28706/05 dt.4.7.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Commercial building. ES1/16674/06 dt.19.9.07 EC/South/102/2007 dt.19.09.2007.
103 Chandan Kumar & Naresh Kumar Plot No.R16/2 & 16/3, S.No.123pt., of Velachery Village, 3rd Cross Street, Velachery Site & Services Scheme. B/Spl.Bldg/317A&B/06 Lr.No.B1/10195/06 dt.5.7.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 15 Dwelling Units ES2/15884/06 dt.21.9.07 EC/South/103/2007 dt.21.09.2007.
104 K.Mahesh C/o.Mahindra Gesco Developers Ltd. Old Door No.8, New No.160 & 161, L.B.Road, Thiruvanmiyur, T.S.No.21/1 & 21/2, Block No.20 of Thiruvanmiyur village. C/PP/MSB /12AtoH/05 Lr.No.C3/20350/04, dt.15.5.05. Basement+Ground+8 floors - Office Building ES2/26517/02 dt.21.9.07 EC/South/104/2007 dt.21.09.2007.
105 APS Velu & Tmt. S.V.Rajalakshmi Door No.G-42, 1st Main Road, Plot No.844, Anna Nagar East, Chennai in T.S.No.5, Block No.5 of Periykudal village B/Spl.Bldg/116/06 Lr.No.B3/24335/05 dt.29.3.06 Basement+Ground+2 floors+3rd floor part Departmental Store cum Residential Building with 10 dwelling units. EN1/11124/06 dt.21.9.07 EC/North/105/2007 dt.21.09.2007
106 E.Krishna Reddy Old No.116, New No.46, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai in R.S.No.148, T.S.No.3/1, Block No.16, Vada Agaram village. C/PP/MSB /33AtoD/04 Lr.No.C3/6576/04, dt.24.12.04 MSB Group Development - Block-A: Stilt+9 floors office building. Block-B: Stilt+9 floors Residential building with 36 dwelling units. Block-C: Stilt+8 floors Residential Building with 32 dwelling units. EC1/16952/07 dt.21.9.07 EC/Central/106/2007 dt.21.09.2007.
107 Ramakrishnan & Others S.No.44/1,2A,2B3, 46/2A, 46/3A,3B,3D,4A1 & A2, 60/1A,1B,2,3,4,5 & 58B/4A of Selaiyur village, Tambaram Taluk. B/Spl.Bldg/176AtoJ/05 dt.7.6.05 Group Development. 9 Blocks - Stilt+ 1floor+4th floor part with 244 dwelling units. ES3/16021/05 dt.21.9.07 EC/South/107/2007 dt.21.09.2007.
108 N.Ganesh, M.D M/s.S.D.Shelters Pvt.Ltd. Old Door No.86, New no.97, South Boag Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17, T.S.No.9195, Block No.131 of T.Nagar Village. B/Spl.Bldg/415/06 Lr.No.BC1/14102/06 dt.26.9.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 7 Dwelling Units EC2/18823/07 dt.21.9.07 EC/Central/108/2007 dt.21.09.2007.
109 K.E.Koshy & Guna Polavaram, POA of Daisy Thomas. M/s.Silpi Constructions Plot No.31 (New), Old Plot No.19, New Door No.3, Old No.2, S.No.44/1A1A1 as per document and S.No.44/42 as per ptta of Perungudi village, Ramappa Nagar Main Road, Perungudi, Chennai-96. B/Spl.Bldg/356AtoC/06 Lr.No.B2/27321/05 dt.26.7.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 8 Dwelling Units ES3/21629/06 dt.24.9.07 EC/South/109/2007 dt.24.09.2007.
110 M.K.Sundaram Old No.29, P.T.Rajan Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78, T.S.No.31/1pt, Block No.27, Kodambakkam village. Lr.No.BC1/28775/05 dt.22.5.06 Basement floor part+ Stilt Part + Ground floor part + 3 floors + 4th floor part Departmental Store cum Residential building with 11 dwelling units. EC3/9760/07 dt.27.9.07 EC/Central/110/2007 dt.27.09.2007
111 XS Real Properties Pvt.Ltd. S.No.456/8A1,8A2,8A3,9A1,9A2,457/7A to 7E, 8A to 8E, 9A,9B,10A,10B, 458/1F, 1G,1H,1J, 607/4B,4C,4D & 606/2,3,4A of Sholinganallur village, OMR, Chennai. C/PP/MSB IT/34AtoW/2006 Lr.No.C3/13871/06, dt.7.9.06. Basement floor + Ground Floor + 8 Floors of Block-A, Basement floor + Ground floor + 9 floors of Block-B - IT Building and Basement floor + Ground floor + 1 floor of Service Block. ES3/11729/07 dt.28.9.07 EC/ITC/111/2007 dt.28.09.2007.
112 Jannet Christine de Penning C/o.Bhaggyam Constructions. Door No.120, Old No.86, Velachery Main Road, T.S.No.16/5, Block No.9, Adyar village, Chennai-42. B/Spl.Bldg/443A&B/06 Lr.No.B2/5745/06 dt.12.10.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Office building. ES2/9076/07 dt.1.10.07 EC/South/112/2007 dt.1.10.2007.
113 M.Amarnath, M.D, M/s.Sangameshwarar Holdings Ltd. New Door No.15, Sivaganga Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34. B/Spl.Bldg/235/05 Lr.No.BC1/3481/05 dt.7.7.05 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 4 Dwelling Units EC1/20186/07 dt.1.10.07 EC/Central/113/2007 dt.1.10.2007.
114 Mehul H.Doshi Door No.12/87, Old No.39, West Mada Church Street, Royapuram, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg./442 A-C/05 Lr.No.B3/24607/04 dt.21.12.05 2 blocks of Stilt floor part + Ground floor part + 3 floors +4th Floor part residential building with 42 dwelling units. EN2/21771/06 dt.3.10.07 EC/North/114/2007 dt.3.10.2007
115 V.Ramasamy Bakkiam Constructions R.S.No.2376/18, Block No.47 of Mylapore village, Door No.20&22, Papanasam Sivan Salai, Santhome, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/515/06 Lr.No.B1/14373/06 dt.4.12.06 Stilt + 3 Floors Residential building with 4 Dwelling Units ES1/19853/07 dt.4.10.07 EC/South/115/2007 dt.4.10.2007.
116 Jain Housing Partners Sandeep Mehta S.No.329/2, 330/1, 330/2A, 330/3, 331, 332/9 & 332/10, Dharga Road, Zamin Pallavaram Village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/46A-R/05 Lr. No.B2/14091/04 dt.16.2.05 Group Development 17 Blocks - Block No.1 to 16 & 18: Stilt + 4 floors - Residential building with 608 dwelling units. ES3/5978/05 dt.4.10.2007. EC/South/116/2007 dt.4.10.2007.
117 Suresh Kumar (POA) Rep. by M/s.Veenus Studios Door No.9, Veenus Colony 2nd Street, Alwarpet, R.S.No.1553/1 pt., Block No.30 of Mylapore village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/361 A-L/05 Lr.No.B1/12320/05 dt.5.10.05. Group Development of 5 Blocks of Stilt parking floor + 4 floors residential building with 42 dwelling units. ES1/13202/06 dt.5.10.2007. EC/South/117/2007 dt.5.10.2007.
118 T.Chitty Babu Old S.No.226pt., S.No.226/17, Old Mahabalipuram Road (Rajiv Gandhi Road), Perungudi Village. B/Spl.Bdg/493 A-H/06 Lr.No.B1/30888/05 dt.13.11.06 Stilt + 3 Floors + 4th floor part Commercial building. ES3/11218/07 dt.8.10.07 EC/ITC/118/2007 dt.8.10.2007.
119 T.V. Sathyanarayanan Reddy Kuppam Road, Saidapet, Chennai - 15 T.S. No.3/1, Block No.31 of Mambalam village Chennai. B/Spl.Bdg/327/ A-B/05 Lr.No.BC1/13875/04 dt.13.09.05 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 20 dwelling units. EC2/12626/06 dt.10.10.07 EC/Central/119/2007 dt.10.10.2007.
120 J. Rajkumar Balsingh Door No.1-37, Plot No.353, 10th street, Anna nagar East, Chennai 102 B/Spl.Bdg/604/04 Lr.No.B3/31375/04 dt.31.12.04 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 8 dwelling units. EN1/29865/05 dt.11.10.07 EC/North/120/2007 dt.11.10.2007
121 Deccan Safety Glass Works P Ltd. (GPA) Sharad Vasanji S.No.56, 57/1,2,3,4,5 & 58/1&2, 59, 60/1,2A,2B, 60/3, 62/1&2A of Athipattu village, Vanagaram High Road, Chennai-58. B/Spl.Bldg/411 A-H/06 Lr.No.B3/12191/05 dt.25.9.06 6 Blocks of Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 216 dwelling units. 1 Blocks of Stilt + 3 Floors. EN3/20671/07 dt.11.10.07 EC/North/121/2007 dt.11.10.2007
122 G.Durai (POA) Plot No.978, Dr. Lakshmanasamy Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78. B/Spl.Bldg/58/06 Lr.No.BC1/20282/05 dt.20.2.06 Stilt + 3 Floors Residential building with 6 dwelling units. EC3/20185/07 dt.15.10.07 EC/Central/122/2007 dt.15.10.2007.
123 M/s.Chaitanya Builders & Leasing Pvt.Ltd. Rathna Nagar Main Road (Off. Cenetoph Road), Ganesapuram, Teynampet in R.S.No.3874/8, 3875/2,3, 3876/1,2,3,5,7,8,9,11 to 18, 3876/20, 21,23,26,27,30 to 33,35,38,42 to 46,49, 3880/38, 3876/19,28,34 & 50, Block No.76 of Mylapore village. B/Spl.Bldg/182AtoK/05 Lr.No.B1/2961/05 dt.7.6.05 Group Development (Blocks ABCD, GHI, E&J) Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 120 dwelling units. ES1/16024/05dt.15.10.2007. EC/South/123/2007 dt.15.10.2007.
124 S.Sukumaran P.H. of Tmt.Rosaline Patrick Plot No.96, Door No.103, 4th Street, Karpagam Avenue, R.A.Puram, Chennai-28, R.S.No.4304/30, Block No.95 of Mylapore village. B/Spl.Bldg/196/05 Lr.No.B2/39531/05 dt.20.6.05 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 4 dwelling units. ES2/16767/05 dt.15.10.2007. EC/South/124/2007 dt.15.10.2007.
125 R.Ramanathan No.70, Spurtank Road, Chetpet, Chennai-31 in R.S. No.406/7, Block No.25 of Egmore Village, Chennai vide errata letter dated 18-2-2013 with reference to Survey Number 406/7 covered in the Completion Certificate to be Read as R.S.No.408/7, Block No.25 of Egmore Village. C/PP/MSB&IT/31 A-J/06 Lr.No.C3/2579/05 dt.31.8.06 Block-I: Basement+Stilt+7 floors IT Building. Block-II: Ground floor service block. EC1/23271/06 dt.15.10.07 EC/Central/125/2007 dt.15.10.2007.
126 K.George M/s.Copco Engineering Pvt.Ltd. GPA for L.Poulraj Plot No.8&9, ANA Avenue, S.No.97/2C, 100/2, 110/3A&3B of Athipattu village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/106/A-F/05 Lr.No.B3/7800/05 dt.11.4.05 Stilt + 4 Floors - 2 Blocks. Ground + 3 Floors - 2 Blocks - Residential building with 48 dwelling units. EN3/6598/07 dt.17.10.07 EC/North/126/2007 dt.17.10.2007
127 M/s.Jasmin Infotech Pvt.Ltd. Mrs.T.Rama Prasad No.119, Tambaram Velachery Road, S.No.56/2C2 of Pallikaranai village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/25A-C/06 Lr.No.B1/12189/05 dt.30.1.06 Stilt parking floor part + Ground floor part + 3 floors office building. ES3/17704/04 dt.17.10.2007. EC/South/127/2007 dt.17.10.2007.
128 S.R.Nandakishore New Door No.19, Old No.25, Prithvi Avenue, Second Street, Old R.S.No.3674/2, R.S.No.3674/6, Block No.73, Mylapore. B/Spl.Bldg/157A&B/05 Lr.No.B1/38440/04 dt.23.5.05 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 7 dwelling units. ES1/14289/05 dt.18.10.2007. EC/South/128/2007 dt.18.10.2007.
129 The Managing Director M/s.Rajarathinam Constructions Pvt.Ltd. S.No.991/1B1B, 992 & 993/1 of Madhavaram village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/168A-C/06 Lr.No.B3/24735/05 dt.18.4.06 5 Blocks of Stilt floor + 4 floors & 1 Block of Stilt part + Ground floor part + 1st floor part + 4 floors Residential Building with 174 dwelling units and Gym of 268 sq.m. EN3/20164/07 dt.19.10.07 EC/North/129/2007 dt.19.10.2007
130 George Pius Tharayil, POA for Mahendra Kumar & Tmt.Kusum Agarwal. Ramappa Nagar 1st Cross Street, Old S.No.44pt. & 44/1pt. As per document, as per patta S.No.44/17 & 44/20 of Perungudi village, Chennai-96. B/Spl.Bldg/82A-D/06 Lr.No.B2/30614/05 dt.7.3.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 10 dwelling units. ES3/14413/06 dt.19.10.2007. EC/ITC/130/2007 dt.19.10.2007.
131 M/s.Reliance Infocom Ltd. Old No.2, New No.3, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34, S.No.428pt., R.S.No.83/3, Block No.15, Nungambakkam village. C/PP/MSB/19A-M/04 Lr.No.C3/7239/04 dt.12.8.04 Double Basement floor + Ground floor part . Stilt floor part + 7 floors - IT building. EC1/25621/07 dt.25.10.07 EC/Central/131/2007 dt.25.10.2007.
132 M/s.Southern Investments Pvt.Ltd. Plot No.222 & 223, New Door No.12 & 14, Turnbulls Road, Nandanam, R.S.No.3884/263 & 3884/264, Block No.77, Mylapore. B/Spl.Bldg/512A&B/04 Lr.No.B2/15330/04 dt.11.10.04 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 8 dwelling units. ES2/25434/06 dt.25.10.2007. EC/South/132/2007 dt.25.10.2007.
133 V.S.Seshadri & 2 Others Plot No.231, Old Door No.40, New No.95, 4th Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Old S.No.9/1pt, T.S.No.3, Block No.32 of Kottur Town, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/82A&B/05 Lr.No.B1/227/05 dt.15.3.05 Stilt + 3 Floors + 4th floor part Residential building with 8 dwelling units. ES2/13337/05 dt.25.10.2007. EC/South/133/2007 dt.25.10.2007.
134 Panchanatham Madanagopalan & 2 Others Plot No.2479, Door No.18, New No.6, 5th Street, AJ-Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40, S.No.89pt., T.S.No.13, Block No.1C of Naduvakkarai village. B/Spl.Bldg/244/06 Lr.No.B3/4639/06 dt.24.5.06 Ground+3 floors residential building with 6 dwelling units cum Departmental Store of 85.44 sq.m. EN1/13233/05 dt.25.10.07 EC/North/134/2007 dt.25.10.2007
135 M.Hariharan (GPA) Door No.134A, Arcot Road, (NSK Salai), T.S.No.269/3 to 7, Block No.32 of Virugambakkam village, T.S.No.2,3/1,3/2 & 3/3 of Saligramam village, Chennai. C/PP/MSB /16AtoI/2006 Lr.No.C3/19763/05, dt.18.7.06. Block I: Stilt+12 floors residential building with 46 dwelling units . Block II: Stilt+11 floors residential building with 88 dwelling units. (Total 134 dwelling units). Block III: Basement+Ground+First floor for non FSI and Swimming pool EC3/12838/07 dt.26.10.07 EC/Central/135/2007 dt.26.10.2007.
136 Mehul H.Doshi Door No.58, Ormes Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-10. B/Spl.Bldg/268/05 Lr.No.B3/12887/05 dt.28.7.05 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 4 dwelling units. EN1/12176/06 dt.26.10.07 EC/North/136/2007 dt.26.10.2007
137 Gokul R.Bathija Door No.6, Murari Avenue, Landons Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-10, R.S.No.154/206, Block No.13 of Egmore Village. B/Spl.Bldg/293/07 Lr.No.B3/23444/07 dt.28.8.07. Ground + 2 Floors Residential building with 2 dwelling units. EN1/23444/07 dt.30.10.07 EC/North/137/2007 dt.30.10.2007
138 S.Periyannan Plot No.5(NP), Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Thiru.Vi.Ka.Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai-32, S.No.15/30, T.S.No.15/5, Block No.2, Alandur, Hamlet of Adyar village. C/PP/MSB-IT/02A-F/07 Lr.No.C3/3749/06 dt.8.1.07 Basement + Stilt + Ground + 6 floor + 7th floor part - IT building EC3/12713/07 dt.2.11.07 EC/Central/138/2007 dt.2.11.2007.
139 C.K.Sridhar (GPA) Door No.15, New No.24, Subramania Nagar 1st Street, Rangarajapuram, Kodambakkam, Chennai-24, S.No.12/3, 13/4, Block No.49, Puliyur village, B/Spl.Bldg/444/06 Lr.No.BC1/15912/06 dt.17.10.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 8 dwelling units. EC3/23728/07 dt.6.11.07 EC/Central/139/2007 dt.6.11.2007.
140 G.J.Manohar, Head Master & Correspondent, Madras Christian College Higher Secretary School Primary School Building No.37, Madras Christian College Higher Sec. School, No.78 - 86, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai-31. C/1469(A-E)/07 Lr.No.C4/17150/05 dt.20.2.07 Additional construction of 3rd floor over the existing Ground+2 floor Primary School building & Construction of portico in the same building. EC1/8418/07 dt.6.11.07 EC/Central/140/2007 dt.6.11.2007.
141 Tmt. Leela Devi, Jaswant Munot & Others Barath Munuth Old No.2/27, New No.51 EVK Sampath Road Vepery, Chennai-7 in R.S.No.644/2, Block No.14, Vepery Village. B/Spl.Bldg/445A&B/05 Lr.No.B3/21345/05 dt.29.12.05. Stilt floor part + Ground floor part + 3 Floors Residential building with 3 dwelling units. EN2/12320/06 dt.6.11.07 EC/North/141/2007 dt.6.11.2007
142 A.V.Ramasamy (POA) No.177 to 182, Veerqaraghavan Street (Big Street), R.S.No.2769/1, Block No.50, Triplicane, Chennai-5. B/Spl.Bldg/202 A&B/06 Lr.No.BC1/6148/06 dt.4.5.06 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 20 dwelling units. ES1/10855/06 dt.7.11.2007. EC/South/142/2007 dt.7.11.2007.
143 N.Rajasekar, POA of S.V.Shriramulu & Uma Shankar Plot No.35,36,37,40 & 42, S.No.83/1B,1C & 84 of Ayyanambakkam village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/93A-I/07 Lr.No.B3/24222/05 dt.14.3.07 Group Development of residential block. Block-A: Stilt + 4 Floors with 32 dwelling units. Block-B: Stilt + 4 Floors with 32 dwelling units. Block-C: Ground + 3 Floors with 15 dwelling units. EC1/22880/07 dt.12.11.07 EC/Central/143/2007 dt.12.11.2007.
144 Shyam G.Duseja C/o.Gee Gee Hire Purchase & Leasing Pvt.Ltd. R.S.No.362/1&7, Block No.21, Door No.2, 18/1&2, Mc.Nichols Road, Chetpet, Chennai. C/PP/MSB/31A-E/05 Lr.No.C3/38401/04 dt.16.8.05 Basement + Stilt part + Ground + 8 floors - office building EC1/1458/07 dt.13.11.07 EC/Central/144/2007 dt.13.11.2007.
145 M/s.Southern Investments Pvt.Ltd. Plot No.225, New Door No.63, Old No.28, 3rd Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Ch-20. T.S.No.30, Bk.No.37, Kottur village B/Spl.Bldg/551/03 Lr.No.B1/20421/03 dt.17.12.03 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 7 dwelling units. ES2/39256/04 dt.14.11.07 EC/South/145/2007 dt.14.11.2007.
146 Bharat Kumar K.Kamdar Door No.37 & 38, Venkatnarayana Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17, R.S.No.5895/1, 5895/2 & 5895/3pt., Block No.131, T.Nagar Village. C/PP/MSB-IT/19A-J/07 Lr.No.C3/583/06 dt.17.5.07 Basement + Stilt + Ground floor part + 10 floors - IT building EC2/20969/07 dt.13.11.07 EC/Central/146/2007 dt.13.11.2007.
147 T.V.Ravichandran Door No.43A, Velachery Main Road, Velachery, Chennai-43, S.No.237/1, Block No.23, Velachery Village. C/PP/MSB/32A-E/05 Lr.No.C3/18355/04 dt.18.8.05 Ground + 9 Floors Residential building with 81 dwelling units. ES2/3230/07 dt.14.11.07 EC/South/147/2007 dt.14.11.2007.
148 Shantha Suresh POA of Shantha Bandari & 11 Others Plot No.3, S.No.185/1pt, 185/8pt, 185/9pt, 185/10pt, 173/3 & 173/4pt., Perungudi Village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/415A-G/05 Lr.No.B2/14940/05 dt.16.11.05 Grounp Development of Residential building of 5 blocks - Stilt + 4 floors - 80 dwelling units. ES3/17282/06 dt.16.11.2007. EC/ITC/148/2007 dt.16.11.2007.
149 Sri Vittal Combines New No.55/2, Old No.8, Arcot Road, Saligramam, Chennai-93, T.S.No.180, Block No.42, Saligramam village. C/PP/MSB/46 A-F/05 Lr.No.C3/9390/05 dt.23.11.05 Stilt floor part + Ground floor part + 8 Floors Residential building with 88 dwelling units. EC3/21004/07 dt.16.11.07 EC/Central/149/2007 dt.16.11.2007.
150 Rajendra R.Metha Door No.30, Arcot Road, Virugambakkam, Chennai, T.S.No.42/1, Block No.36, Virugambakkam village. B/Spl.Bldg/16 A-G/05 Lr.No.BC1/13343/04 dt.20.1.05 3 Blocks of Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 96 dwelling units. EC1/2519/05 dt.19.11.07 EC/Central/150/2007 dt.19.11.2007.
151 Asst. General Manager, Reserve Bank of Staff College Old Door No.359, Anna Salai, R.S.No.1397/1, Block No.28, Mylapore. C/1406/45A-E/01 Lr.No.C4/45338/00 dt.3.12.01 Assembly Hall and Toilet block. ES1/39527/01 dt.19.11.07 EC/South/151/2007 dt.19.11.2007.
152 M/s.Efficiency Aids Pvt.Ltd. S.No.378/28, Durga Nagar Main Road, Thiruneermalai Village, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/325A-D/05 Lr.No.B2/22713/04 dt.6.9.05 Stilt + 3 Floors + 4th floor part Residential building with 21 dwelling units. ES3/14848/06 dt.19.11.07 EC/South/152/2007 dt.19.11.2007.
153 T.Chitty Babu New Door No.95, Plot No.338, Dr.Lakshmanasamy Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78. B/Spl.Bldg/306/04 Lr.No.B2/8140/04 dt.18.6.04 Stilt + 3 Floors Residential building with 6 dwelling units. EC3/24534/07 dt.20.11.07 EC/Central/153/2007 dt.20.11.2007.
154 Harinder Singh & Others S.No.117/5A2, 5B, 116/6, 119/1A2, 118/7B, 117/5A1B, Okkiamthoraipakkam, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Chennai. C/PP/MSB/IT/25 A-O/07 Lr.No.C3/6377/06 dt.3.8.07 Block I: Basement + Ground + 7 floors - IT Building. Block II: Basement + Ground + 7 floors (BF+GF+6 floor for parking & 7th floor Guest room). ES3/14576/06 dt.21.11.2007. EC/ITC/154/2007 dt.21.11.2007.
155 N.Jagadeesan & Others Old Door No.27, New No.6, 3rd Street, Race View Colony, Guindy, Chennai-32. B/Spl.Bldg/432/06 Lr.No.B2/27605/05 dt.9.10.06 Stilt + 3 Floors + 4th floor part Residential building with 8 dwelling units. ES2/21824/07 dt.22.11.07 EC/South/155/2007 dt.22.11.2007.
156 V.Ramgopal S.No.214/2A1 pt., Block No.66, Ward No.155 of Thiruvanmiyur village, Door No.3/8, Plot No.5, New Beach Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-41 B/Spl.Bldg/165/07 Lr.No.B2/1654/06 dt.9.4.07 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 12 dwelling units. ES2/21842/07 dt.27.11.07 EC/South/156/2007 dt.27.11.2007.
157 M/s.Indus City Scope Narendra Kumar. Plot No.64, West Jones Road, Saidapet, Chennai-15, R.S.No.242/2pt, T.S.No.212/8, Block No.85, Kodambakkam village. B/Spl.Bldg/423 A-F/05 Lr.No.BC1/7785/05 dt.30.11.05 Group Development of Stilt + 4 Floors of 7 Blocks (Block-B to H) Residential building with 133 dwelling units. EC2/15571/07 dt.27.11.07 EC/Central/157/2007 dt.27.11.2007.
158 S.Sridharan M/s.Newry Properties Pvt.Ltd. GPA Holder for Palaniappan Plot No.540, Door No.138, L-Block, 7th & 18th Street, Anna Nagar, T.S.No.29pt. Of Ayanavaram village. B/Spl.Bldg/196/06 Lr.No.B3/3580/06 dt.5.5.06 Stilt + 3 Floors Residential building with 6 dwelling units. EN1/11121/06 dt.29.11.07 EC/North/158/2007 dt.29.11.2007
159 M/s.Chaitanya Builders Leasing Pvt.Ltd. Old Door No.1, New No.5, 2nd Crescent Park Road, T.S.No.10, Block No.33, Kottur village, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20. B/Spl.Bldg/446A&B/05 Lr.No.B2/23853/05 dt.28.12.05 Stilt + 4 Floors Residential building with 8 dwelling units. ES2/17405/06 dt.4.12.07 EC/South/159/2007 dt.4.12.2007.
160 Kishore Kumar Gokuldas Door No.77, Santhome High Road, S.No.2445/5 & 2442, Block No.50, Mylapore, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/263/A&B/06 Lr.No.B1/1946/06 dt.29.6.07 Ground + 3 floors Ground floor part Bank and Ground floor part + 3 floors residential building with 16 dwelling units ES1/16076/07 dt.14.12.07 EC/South/160/2007 dt.14.12.2007.
161 U.Chandraprakasam (POA) New No.23, Old No.10, Subramania Nagar 1st Street, Rangarajapuram, Kodambakkam, Chennai-24. B/Spl.Bldg/47/07 Lr.No.BC1/25310/06 dt.14.2.07 Ground + 3 Floors Residential building with 8 dwelling units. EC3/27260/07 dt.18.12..07 EC/Central/161/2007 dt.18.12.2007.
162 H.Mehul Doshi S.No.345/1A2,1A3,1B1B, 346/2A,2B&1B, 403/2B,2C,2D, Mogappair, Justice Rathnavel Pandian Road, Golden George Nagar, Mogappair, Chennai. B/Spl.Bldg/190A-N/05 Lr.No.B3/339/04 dt.15.6.05 2 Blocks of Ground floor + 3 floors & 4 Blocks of Stilt part + Ground floor part + 3 floors + 4th floor part. Service floor of Ground floor for pump room, Residential Building with 157 dwelling units and Departmental store area of 198 sq.m. EN3/8098/07 dt.18.12.07 EC/North/162/2007 dt.18.12.2007
163 B. Ramani & 2 others Door No.9, Moores Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34 B/Spl.Bldg./177(A&B)/06 Lr.No.BC1/29013/05 dt.21.04.06 Stilt + 4 Floors(pt) Residential building (Block 'B') with 22 dwelling units. EC1/26533/07 dt.18.12.07 EC/Central/163/2007 dt.18.12.2007.
164 M.Raman (POA) New Door No.7, Old No.4, Thiruvengadam Street, R.A.Puram, Chennai-28, R.S.No.4119/3, 4119/45 & 4119/46, Mylapore village. B/Spl.Bldg/206/06 Lr.No.B2/8214/06 dt.9.5.06 Ground + 3 Floors Residential building with 8 dwelling units. ES2/14691/06 dt.19.12.07 EC/South/164/2007 dt.19.12.2007.
165 M.S.Hussain Deen Self & POA for M.S.Sadaq Ali & M.A.S.Ahamed Fazul Hussain New Door No.459/1, Old No.1-96 & 95A, R.S.No.3837/1, Block No.75, Mylapore, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai-18. B/Spl.Bldg/246(A&B)/06 Lr.No.B2/27759/05 dt.23.5.06 Basement + Ground + 3 floors - Show room in Ground floor & Office in 1st to 3rd floor. ES1/16680/06 dt.20.12.07 EC/South/165/2007 dt.20.12.2007.
166 The Director, Macro Marvel Projects Ltd. S.No.77/1A,1B,2A & 2B of Ramapuram village, Abutting Kalasathamman Koil Street, Ramapuram, Chennai-89. B/Spl.Bldg/145A-K/01 Lr.No.B2/47733/2000 dt.04.05.01 5 Blocks - 4 Blocks of Ground Floor + 3 floors residential building and 1 Block of Ground Floor + 1 floor Departmental Store cum residential building - Total 233 dwelling units EC2/23817/07 dt.27.12.07 EC/Central/166/2007 dt.27.12.2007.
167 Tmt. Kamala Muthaiya W/o.M.Ct.Muthaiya (Late) Door No.47, Montieth road, Egmore, chennai-8 in R.S.No.1605/40, Block No.50 of Egmore village B/Spl.Bldg/90/05 Lr.No.BC1/31840/04 dt.23.03.05 Stilt + 4 Floors Office building EC1/25325/07 dt.27.12.07 EC/Central/167/2007 dt.27.12.2007.
168 K. Vaidyanathan M/s. K.K.Builders Plot No.D & E, Thiruvalluvar Salai, Kaikankuppam, Valasaravakkam, Chennai-87, S.No.125/1C3A & 1C3B of Valasaravakkam Village. B/Spl.Bldg/80/07 Lr.No.BC1/18223/06 dt.6.3.07 Stilt + 3 Floors Residential building with 6 dwelling units. EC1/10586/07 dt.28.12.07 EC/Central/168/2007 dt.28.12.2007.