Collage of CMDA Building, CMBT, MRTS, ORR and CMDA Expansion in English and Tamil

Chennai Contract Carriage Bus Terminus (CCCBT) wasinaugurated on 25.08.2003 in an extent of 6.75 acres in KWMC so as to have anorganized place for the OMNI Bus Operators. This Terminal is located within the close proximity of the ChennaiMoffussil Bus Terminal (CMBT).  The CCCBThas 80 numbers of bus bays, 150 numbers of idle parking, 51 numbers of travelagency offices, 22 numbers of shops, 14 numbers of passenger waiting halls with total seating facilities for about 120 persons. It is being maintained by CMDA.  About 200 buses operate from this OMNI bus terminal on a daily basis.