Bio Methanation Plant

In order to utilize the organic waste generated from the perishable market in KWMC for power generation, the Bio-methanation Plant was established in KWMC as a unique national level demonstration project. This project is a joint venturebetween CMDA and the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources (MNES) of Government of India. Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), Chennai is the Technical Agency for monitoring the implementation of this project. M/s Enkem Engineers Private Limited, Chennai has implemented the project on Turn-keybasis in association with their collaborator M/s ENTECH GMbH of Austria. CMDA has allocated the land for this projectto an extent of1.16 acres. The total construction cost of this project amounts to Rs.5.00 cores of which Rs. 3.75 crores was borned by M/s MNES and Rs.1.25 crores was borned by Market Management Committee. Designed Capacity of the Plant is about 30 metric tonnes of Perishable wastes per day and will generate on an average 2000 units of electricity per day. After in house consumption, excess production will be fed into the TNEB grid. The plant is functioning since 04.09.2005.