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We shallstrive to dispose off the applications and to furnish replies in a stipulatedtime frame.

From the date of admission ofplanning permission application in the SBC counter or in the case of anapplication forwarded by Local Body from the date of remittance of scrutinyfee, the following will be the time limits.

I Return for remedying the defects 21 working days
II From the date of receipt of applications in complete shape, the time limit for communicating the firm decision are as follows:
Ordinary Buildings * 45 working days
Special Buildings 45 working days
Industrial & Institutional Buildings 45 working days
Layout 45 working days
Multi-storeyed Buildings – to make recommendation to Government. 75 working days
Reply for compliant / grievance petitions 30 working days
Clarification and land use zoning and information on DCR parameters 10 working days
Issuance of No Due Certificate and NOC 10 working days
Handing over the site / Housing units 30 working days
Execution of Sale Deed 20 working days
Issue of Allotment orders 30 working days
Details about arrears, etc. pertaining to cost recovery schedule 10 working days

* Powers have been delegated to all local bodies in CMA to process and dispose all PP Applications on ordinary buildings vide proc. No. RT/6398/09 dated 23-06-2009.