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Incentives For Information Technology (IT) Development

Government of Tamilnadu has formulated a policy for IT sector announcing certain incentives to encourage IT and ITES in the state of Tamilnadu. The following are the incentives available under Development Regulation to IT and ITES developments:

  1. MSB for IT and ITES is permitted through out the Chennai Metropolitan Area.

  2. IT activity is permissible in all the land uses except Agricultural Use Zone, non Urban Use Zone, Special and Hazardous Use Zone and OSR's.

  3. FSI permitted for those IT and ITES development is 1.5 times of the ordinarily permissible in Development Regulation

  4. Covered car parking spaces 50% above the normal parking requirement and also up to first floor are excluded from the computation of FSI area.

  5. Reserved and gifted Open Space reservation area will be given to the IT companies for maintenance on lease basis.

  6. Planning permission Applications for IT developments are processed through a fast track system.