Collage of CMDA Building, CMBT, MRTS, ORR and CMDA Expansion in English and Tamil

Layout Planning Permission Approval Details - 2006

11/20061513RAVIKUMAR.P.V.Layout of house sites in S.NO.87/3 of Thiruninravur village.Thiruninravur T.P.L1/5867/20055/1/2006
22/20061517SOUNDARAJAN.A.Layout of house sites in S.No.207/2 & 208/ 2Bpart of Thiruninravur villageThiruninravur T.P.L1/28781/200510/1/2006
33/20061519JAGANATHAN .E.Layout of house sites in S.No.192/1 of Madanandhapuram village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/30543/200516/1/2006
44/20061520SEKAR.E.A.Layout of house sites in S.No.267/2B of Nanmangalam village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/29964/200516/1/2006
55/20061521ELUMALAI.G.Layout of house sites in S.No.322,323/3,346/3B & 347/5 of Puzhal villagePuzhal P.U.L1/26528/200520/1/2006
66/20061523NAGARAJESH.Y.Layout of house sites in S.No.158/1& 158/2 of Varadharajapuram village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/232/200629/1/2006
77/20061524AHMED ABDUL KHADAR & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.122/1A1, 1B1,1C1,1C2, 3A1part,3A2B,123/ 1A3,2A1,2A2,2B,2C2,124/1A2,164/3A,3B, 3C,3D,165/1,2,3A1,3A2,3C,4, 166/ 2,167/1,2,3,168,169, 174/1A,1B1,1B2 & 174/2 of Pallikaranai village.Pallikaranai S.V.P.L1/28025/200529/1/2006
88/20061526DILLIBABU .S.&OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.207/2C & 207/3 of Pallikaranai village.Pallikaranai T.PL1/27926/200529/1/2006
99/20061527GUNASEKARAN.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.200/3A,3B, 211/4B, 212/1,2,214,215/1,2A,2B, 2C,3,216,217/1A,1B,1C,1D,1E,2,218,219, 220/2A,2F,3,221/1A,1B1, 1B2,222, 223/1A2,1B,2 of Kannapalayam village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/356/200629/1/2006
1010/20061528SUBASH.A.L.Layout of house sites in S.No.255/2 & 256/1 of Vengaivasal village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/0023/200629/1/2006
1111/2006cancelled this is revised as vide PPD/LO No.17/2006
1212/20061531RADHA SHANMUGA SUNDARAMSub division of house sites in S.No.225/ 16A of Perungudi village.Perungudi S.V.P.L/26529/20056/2/2006
1313/20061532NARAYANASAMY.T.& OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.320/3B,329/ 1C,2 & 330/1 of Perungalathur villagePerungalathur T.PL1/946/200615/2/2006
1414/20061533JONES.M & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.232/1B,1C,1E, 1G,1H,1I, 1J,2A,2B,3D,4A,4B,4C, 5A,5B, 6A,6B,7A,7B,8A,8B,9A,9B, 42/1A,1B,3, 4,5A,5B,6A,6B, 43/1A1,1A2,1B,2A,2B, 3A,3B1A,3B1B,3B1C,3B2,3B3,3B4,3B5,4A,4B, 5A,5B,44/1,2,48/1A,1B,52/1A1B,53/1A, 1B1,2A,2B,2C,3A,3B,54/3A1,3A2,3B & 55/3 of Sithalapakkam village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/11130/200515/2/2006
1515/20061534ETHIRAJ.K.Layout of house sites in S.No.227/1B,2A,2B, 2C,3A1, 3A2,3B,3C,3D,3E1,3E2,4A, 4B,4C,4D,4E,4F,4G,4H,229/1,2,4, 5,6,230/ 1,2,3,4,5,6A,6B,6C, 367/1A, 1B,2,3,4,5A, 5B,5C, 5D,6A, 6B, 6C,6D,6E & 367/6F of Erendamkattalai village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/35339/200415/2/2006
1616/20061535UMA KESHAV RAOSub division of house sites in Plot No.8,Besant nagar,5th Avenue in R.S.No.12part,T.S.No.2/1,2 &3,,B.No.16 of Urur village.Corporation of ChennaiL1/1221/200518/2/2006
1717/20061536RAJASEKAR.S.S.Sub division of house sites in D.No.1&2 T.S.No.8/3 & 8/5 B.No.16 of Adyar village.Corporation of ChennaiL1/37563/200420/2/2006
1818/20061537SUBRAMANI.R.G.K.Layout of house sites in S.No.685/2,3,4 & 686/2 of Paruthipattu village.Avadi MunicipalityL1/2564/200623/2/2006
1919/20061538BASKARAN .A.& OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.139/8B,9,10A, 10B of Anakaputtur village.Anakaputtur MunicipalityL1/3422/20061/3/2006
2020/20061539SIVAPRAKASAM.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.1/3A,3B,4,5A, 5B,6A,6B1,6B2,6B3,6B4 & 2/1 of Sennerkuppam village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/29434/20052/3/2006
2121/20061540NARMADA & OTHERSSub division of house sites in T.S.No.24,25/1,2 (old S.No.552part) of Thiruvottiyur village.Thiruvottiyur MunicipalityL1/13127/20057/3/2006
2222/20061541JEYASHREE .B. & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.190/1B,1C & 2B of Mangadu village.Mangadu T.P.L1/26064/20057/3/2006
2323/20061542MUNIRATHNAM .N.Layout of house sites in S.No.101,102,103/1,2, 104,105/1,110/1,111/1B,2A2, 2B,3B,4B,112/1,2,3,113/1B,150/2B,151/3B, 152/1to7 of Srinivasapuram village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/1955/200615/3/2006
2424/20061543SRIDHAR.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.363/1A1,1A2,1A3, 1A4,1A5,1A6,1A7,1A8 & 1A9 of Mudichur village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/2886/200615/3/2006
2525/20061544ANJAIAH.A. & OTHERSSub division of house sites in S.No.213/135part, Plot No.79, 80 & 81 of Okkiamtorapakkam villageSt.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/14456/200515/3/2006
2626/20051545DEVADOSS .V.N.Layout of house sites in S.No.321/1 & 2 of Gerugambakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/4337/200621/3/2006
2727/20061546GOPALAKRISHNAN.K.V.(Ex.MLA)Reservation of nursery school site into Residencial plot S.No.429/1(as per doc.) 429/82(as per patta) of Perumbakkam village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/14843/200521/3/2006
2828/2006cancelled this is revised as vide PPD/LO No.56/2006
2929/20061548SHIVRAJ.S.& OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.595 T.S.No.916 of Poonamallee village.Poonamallee IIIrd Grade MunicipalityL1/5983/200630/3/2006
3030/20061549SAMBANDAM.M & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.579 & 650 of Poonamallee village.Poonamallee IIIrd Grade MunicipalityL1/5984/200630/3/2006
3131/20061550M/S XL REAL PROPERTIES PVT.LTD.Sub division of house sites in S.No.149/ 1C4 & 1C5 of Ramapuram village.Villivakkam P.UL1/23093/200531/3/2006
3232/20061551M/S XL REAL PROPERTIES PVT.LTD.Sub division of house sites in S.No.149/ 1C2 & 1C3 of Ramapuram village.Villivakkam P.UL1/23094/200531/3/2006
3333/20061552AMSANATHAN.S.Layout of house sites in S.No.308/1,310/ 1A2,2B & 321/2A23 of Mangadu village.Mangadu T.P.L1/2831/20053/4/2006
3434/20061553MAHENDRANPP Revision to the earlier appd.Layout of house sites in S.No.187/3D1 vide PPD/LONo.34/2005 in Vanagaram village.Villivakkam P.UL1/25804/20054/4/2006
3535/20061554CHOWDAPPA & OTHERSSub division of Industrial sites in S.No.437/1 of Maduravoyal village.Maduravoyal IIIrd Grade MunicipalityL1/5779/20066/4/2006
3636/20061555RAJESH .K.& OTHERSSub division of house sites in S.No.40/7 of Perungalathur village.Perungalathur S.V.PL1/5685/200613/4/2006
3737/20061556MOHAN.E.Layout of house sites in S.No.383/2 of perungalathur village.Perungalathur T.PL1/5559/200613/4/2006
3838/20061557PARANJOTHI.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.283/1 of Perungalathur village.Perungalathur T.PL1/5686/200613/4/2006
3939/20061558MURALIDHARAN.B.Layout of house sites in S.No.86/2 of Goparasanallur village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/17652/200512/4/2006
4040/20061559SATHYANARAYAN.M.K.Layout of house sites in S.No.34/4A1 of Adayalampattu village.Villivakkam P.UL1/13794/200513/4/2006
4141/20061560VENUGOPAL.A.Layout of house sites in S.No.3/2B3 & 2B4 of Mugalivakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/7042/200612/4/2006
4242/20061561MURALIDHARAN.K.V.Sub division of house sites in S.No.77/3part of Peerkankaranai village.Peerkankaranai S.V.P.L1/4496/200613/4/2006
4343/20061562SIVARAMAN.V.Layout of house sites in S.No.3/2B2 of Mugalivakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/7040/200612/4/2006
4444/20061563RUBAN.L.Layout of house sites in S.No.8/1 & 9/1 of Agraharammel village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/7427/200619/4/2006
4545/20061564SUNDARAMOORTHY.T.S.Layout of house sites in S.No.269/1part,2,3, 270/1,2,3,4,271/1,2 of Thirumazhisai village & 54/4,5E of Nedunchery village.Thirumazhisai S.V.P.L1/7710/200621/4/2006
4646/20061565ARUMUGAM.M.(GPA)Layout of house sites in S.No.373,374,375,376, 377/2,3,388,389 & 390 of Manapakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/4334/20062/5/2006
4747/20061566VEDAGIRI.V.& OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.57/1A,2A,2B,72/1A, 1B,2, 3, 4,74,75/1,2,76,77/1A,1B,2, 100/2B,101/1,2B,4,102/2,103/1,2,3A,3B,104/1B, 1C,134/2,142/1A,1B,1C,2B,143,144, 146/1B,2,147,148,149/1,2,150,152/2,153/2,154/ 1A,2A,2B,155,156,157/1,2 & 158/1,2 of Tarapakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/4340/20064/5/2006
4848/20061567RAJU.P & C.M.Co.Op.Hou.SocietyLayout of house sites in S.No.53/2,54,55,59, 60,61/1,2,67,68,69,70,71/2 & 72part of Adayalampattu village.Villivakkam P.UL1/8609/20063/5/2006
4949/20061568VISWANATHAN.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.318/1A,1B,2A, 2B,2C & 318/3 of Perungalathur village.Perungalathur T.PL1/3871/200611/5/2006
5050/20061569NARASIMHAN.V.Layout of house sites in S.No.115/1B,116,118/ 1B,2 & 136 of Mananchery village.Kundrathur S.V.PL1/7135/200612/5/2006
5151/20061571AYYANPERUMAL.J.Layout of house sites in S.No.26/1E,1F & 1H of Nanmangalam village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/9270/200612/5/2006
5252/20061572PURUSHOTHAMAN REDDY .V.Layout of house sites in S.No.480 of Athipattu village.Ambattur MunicipalityL1/8287/200629/5/2006
5353/20061573SIVANANDAN.G.Layout of house sites in S.No.104/1A of Perungalathur village.Perungalathur T.PL1/8380/200626/5/2006
5454/20061574KRISHNAN.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.571/2,3 & 4 of Madhavaram village.Madhavaram MunicipalityL1/9770/200629/5/2006
5555/20061575PRABAKAR.A.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.68/2A2 of Ramapuram village.Villivakkam P.UL1/9678/200629/5/2006
5656/20061576VARADAN.J.Proposed Revised Sub division of house site to the earlier appd. Sub division PPD/LO No.28/2006 in S.No.15/30B of (P.No.6B) of Injambakkam village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/24913/200526/5/2006
5757/20061578RAJENDRAN.M.& OTHERSSub division of house sites in S.No.234/1,2 of Kundrathur village.Kundrathur T.PL1/10943/200614/6/2006
5858/20061579VISWANATHAN.A.K.Sub division of house sites in S.No.125/3A1 & 10 of Manapakkam vliiage.Kundrathur P.U.L1/4338/200614/6/2006
5959/20061580JEYACHANDRAN.U.Layout of house sites in S.No.483,501/1,502/1A, 1B,3,505,507/2,508/1,3,4A,4B & 509/1A,1B of Palavedu village.Villivakkam P.UL1/9814/200621/6/2006
6060/20061581PONVEERAIAH & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.27/1 & 43/2 of Perungalathur village.Perungalathur S.V.PL1/11775/200613/6/2006
6161/20061582JANAKIRAMAN.K.G.Layout of house sites in S.No.4/2 & 4/3 of Perungalathur village.Perungalathur S.V.PL1/11206/200615/6/2006
6262/20061583DEVI.A.Layout of house sites in S.No.23/3A,4 & 24/5A of Noombal village.Thiruverkadu T.PL1/11165/200616/6/2006
6363/20061584DEVADOSS .V.N.Layout of house sites in S.No.5/1,2,3 & 6/2 of Perumalagaram village.Thiruverkadu MunicipalityL1/10945/200616/6/2006
6464/20061585PALANI DEVAR .M.Layout of house sites in S.No.1/8B,7/1A,1B,8/1,2, 3,135/1,2,3,4,5 & 136/2 of Pidarithangal village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/5459/200616/6/2006
6565/20061586ASOKAN.SLayout of house sites in S.No.24/4,5B & 6 of Noombal village.Thiruverkadu T.PL1/11163/200616/6/2006
6666/20061587CHANDRAN.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.21/9,23/2,3,4,24/1,2A of Pannivakkam village.Sholavaram P.UL1/10940/200621/6/2006
6767/20061588MAHADEVAN.M & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.207 & 209/2 of Mangadu village.Mangadu S.V.PL1/23753/200522/6/2006
6868/20061589CEO ,CMDALayout of commercial sites in Manali new town in S.No.311, 321, 322 & 331 of Edayanchavadi village.Manali T.PL1/23364/200512/7/2006
6969/20061590CHANDRA.R & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.168, 169/1A, 3, 170/1,2, 171/1, 2A, 2B1 & 203part of Puzhal village.Puzhal S.V.PL1/13684/200610/7/2006
7070/20061591CHANDRA.R & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.93/1,2, 94/2, 95/1part,2, 96/1part,2, 97/1, 113/1A1A, 2A2part, 1B,2B1part, 2B2part, 114/1part,2A1A, 115 & 116/1,2 of Puzhal village.Puzhal S.V.PL1/13685/200610/7/2006
7171/20061592CHANDRA.R & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.40part, 43part, 44/1,2, 45/1A1, 45/2, 46 & 47 of Puzhal village.Puzhal S.V.PL1/13683/200610/7/2006
7272/20061593PETER. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.213/8, 214, 215/1, 244, 245, 246/1, 2, 248/2,3, 250, 255, 256/1, 364/1,2, 365 of Gerugambakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/12785/200610/7/2006
7373/20061594PETER. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.270/1,2,3A,3B, 274/1, 307/1,2, 308, 309, 310, 311/1,2, 313, 314/1,2, 315/1, 317/1A, 1B, 318/1, 331/1,2A,2B, 332/1,2, 333/1A, 334/2, 335, 336/2, 338/1, 339, 341, 342/1,2, 346, 347/2, 353/2 of Gerugambakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/12784/200610/7/2006
7474/20061595BALASUBRAMANIAM.S & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.134/1, 2A, 134/ 3part of Rajakilpakkam village,.Sembakkam S.V.P.L1/13264/200624/7/2006
7575/20061596THIRUPURASUNDARI. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.21/6B, 23/3B, 137/ 2part & 138/1part of Noombal village.Thiruverkadu T.P.L1/11164/200628/7/2006
7676/20061597BALU. R.Layout of house sites in S.No.62/2, 3, 4 of Ayanambakkam village.Thiruverkadu T.P.L1/5689/200628/7/2006
7777/20061598DAYALAN. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.63/2 of Mangadu village.Mangadu T.P.L1/12670/200625/7/2006
7878/20061599JAYACHANDRAN. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.432/1B, 432/2B of Minjur village.Minjur T.P.L1/12897/200625/7/2006
7979/20061600KOTHANDARAMAN. T.K.Layout of house sites in S.No.119/1A1B, 2A1B of Perungalathur village.Perungalathur S.V.PL1/12782/200628/7/2006
8080/20062301MANOHARAN. K.Layout of house sites in S.No.720, 762/41Bpart of Madambakkam village.Madambakkam T.P.L1/13892/200628/7/2006
8181/20062302PETER. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.206/13,16, 207/1,2, 3A,3B, 208, 209/1,2, 210/1A,1B,2A,2B, 211/1A,1B, 2A,2B,2B2, 215/1,2,3, 216/1,2,3, 217/1,2, 225/1A, 1B of Tharapakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/6378/200631/7/2006
8282/20062303ADAIKALASAMY. G.Layout of house sites in S.No.77/1, 96/3B of Adayalampattu village.Villivakkam P.UL1/14866/200631/7/2006
8383/20062304SRIDHAR.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.103, 104/1,2, 105/1, 143 of Malayambakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/12896/20064/8/2006
8484/20062305KARTHIKEYAN. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.148/5B of Karambakkam village.Villivakkam P.UL1/14994/20067/8/2006
8585/20062306NALINI. D.Layout of house sites in S.No.9, 10/2A, 2B, 2B2, 10/2B3 of Meppur village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/15471/200611/8/2006
8686/20062307SHANKARKUMAR. D.V.Layout of house sites in S.No.136, 146, 147/1, 149/1B of Malayambakkam villageKundrathur P.U.L1/16489/200628/8/2006
8787/20062308REJENDRAN R. METHALayout of house sites in S.No.165/3B,8, 166, 168/1A, 1B,1C,1D,3A, 169/1,2A,2B,2C, 170/ 1,2A,2B, 172/20,21,28,29, 42,43,44,45,46,47, 48,49,50,51,52 of Pammal village.Pammal MunicipalityL1/10222/200631/8/2006
8888/20062309RAMAN.G.P.Layout of house sites in S.No.41/2B, 3A1A, 3A1B, 3A1C, 3A1D, 41/3A2 of Tambaram village.Tamabaram MunicipalityL1/17096/20061/9/2006
8989/20062310RENUKA DEVI.P.N.Layout of house sites in S.No.47/1A2, 1A3 of Tambaram village.Tamabaram MunicipalityL1/17097/200612/9/2006
9090/20062311M/S.WAVOO REALTY & INVESTMENTSLayout of house sites in S.No.427/177C, 190, 191, 192, 193, 194 of Medavakkam village and S.No.12/1 of Vengaivasal village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/17121/200612/9/2006
9191/20062312GOPALAKRISHNAN.K.V.Layout of house sites in S.No.135/2, 3A,3B, 137/ 1,2,3, 138/1 OF Mannivakkam village.Kattankulattur P.U.L1/13891/200612/9/2006
9292/20062313SRIDHARAN. T.C.Layout of house sites in S.No.101/1,2, 103, 104 of Thirumazhisai village.Thirumazhisai S.V.P.L1/17653/200612/9/2006
9393/20062314VANAJA. S. & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.414/1,2,3, 415/1,2, 416/1,2, 417F, 418/2, 419/1, 420/1,2,3, 421/ 1,2, 422/1,2, 423 of Kovilpadagai village.Avadi MunicipalityL1/16533/200612/9/2006
9494/20062315KUPPUSAMY. K.S.Layout of house sites in S.No.105/1, 106/4 of Nandiambakkam village.Minjur P.UL1/17506/200612/9/2006
9595/20062316SATHISBABU. D.S. & JAYANTHIPREMILA.S.Layout of house sites in S.No.53/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 54/1,2,3, 55/1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 56/1,2,3, 57/1,2,3,4,5, 58/1A,1B,2,3, 59/1,2,3,4A,4B,4C,5,6,7,8,9,10, 63/1, 2,3,4,5, 64/1,2,3,7,8,9, 65/1,2,3,4,5,6, 67/6,7,8 of Kovilpadagai village.Avadi MunicipalityL1/17505/200612/9/2006
9696/20062317RAJARAM. V.Layout of house sites in S.No.61/1B, 61/2 of Perungalathur village.Perungalthur S.V.PL1/12671/200613/9/2006
9797/20062318M/S.MANGAL TIRTH ESTATE LTD.Layout of house sites in S.No.50/2A1A2, 2A1A3, 2A1A4, 2A1A5, 2A1A6,2A1A7, 2A1A8, 50/3 of Perungudi village.perungudi S.V.P.L1/3314/200619/9/2006
9898/20062319VISWANATHAN. R.Layout of house sites in S.No.25/1A,2B, 26/2A of Perungalathur village.Perungalathur S.V.PL1/18380/2006 L1/25435/200525/9/2006
9999/20062320CHANDRASEKARN. R.Layout of house sites in S.No.237/1, 238/1,2, 238/3 of Thandalam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/5169/200622/9/2006
100100/20062321XS REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES PVT. LTD.Layout of house sites in S.No.35/3 of Porur village.Porur S.V.P.L1/14392/20053/10/2006
101101/20062322NAGARAJAN. T.D.Layout of house sites in S.No.96/1, 2 of Nadukuthagai village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/14490/200629/9/2006
102102/20062323INDRANI. V.Layout of house sites in S.No.298/3 of Nanmangalam village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/3548/200611/10/2006
103103/20062325ASOKAN. S.(GPA)Layout of house sites in S.No.72/1,2, 73/1 of Kolapakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/20104/200618/10/2006
104104/20062326SANJAY D.DAVEY.Layout of house sites in S.No.566/2B,2C, 567/1A, 2B of Gerugambakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/13762/200617/10/2006
105105/20062327JAISHANKAR. R.Layout of house sites in S.No.566/2A, 567/1A,2A of Gerugambakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/13763/200616/10/2006
106106/20062328BHARATHI. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.586/16, 21, 587/1,2, 587/3 of Palanthandalam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/20532/200620/10/2006
107107/2062329LATHA. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.114/3A1A1part, 114/ 3A1A2part of Madhavaram village.Madhavaram MunicipalityL1/20102/200627/10/2006
108108/20062330SUBBARAJ. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.113/2,3, 113/4 part of Madhavaram village.Madhavaram MunicipalityL1/20103/200615/11/2006
109109/20062332NIRANJANAIAH. K.Layout of house sites in S.No.105, 107, 108/1A,2, 109, 110, 121, 125, 126/1 of Meppur village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/19276/200615/11/2006
110110/20062333JOTHIPRAKASAM & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.653/1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 655/ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8A,9,10A of Nandambakkam village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/20626/200616/11/2006
111111/20062334VISALAKSHI. V.R.Layout of sub division of industrial plot in S.No.284/6, 284/7 of Kottivakkam village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/15407/200521/11/2006
112112/20062335BALASUBRAMANIAM, M & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.1176, 1177, 1178 of Kundrathur village.Kundrathur T.PL1/22128/200621/11/2006
113113/20062336MUTHUVELU. M.D.Sub division of house sites in S.No.30/4A1A, 30/4A2 of Mangadu village.Mangadu S.V.P.L1/21995/200620/11/2006
114114/20062337SANJAY MEHTA. MLayout of house sites in S.No.12/1,2,3, 24/2, 25,26, 28/1, of Goparasanallur village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/20627/200622/11/2006
115115/20062338SASIREKHA. D. & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.92/1 of Kundrathur village.Kundrathur S.V.PL1/22482/200629/11/2006
116116/20062339RATHINAKUMAR. R.Conersion of community hall site covered in the approved layout vide LPH/DTP 12/20 into residential plot in S.No.13/1B, 14/1 of Irumbuliyur village.Tamabaram MunicipalityL1/26742/200429/11/2006
117117/20062340VIJAYAKUMAR. J.Layout of house sites in S.No.129 of Manamchery village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/22129/200630/11/2006
118118/20062341CHAMPALAL JAIN. M.Layout of house sites in S.No.241/3A, 4Apart, 4B,6, 242/5 of Minjur village.Minjur S.V.P.L1/20073/20068/12/2006
119119/20062343SASIREKHA. D. & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.62/2, 3, 63/1, 63/2 of Manacheri village.Kundrathur P.U.L1/22968/20068/12/2006
120120/20062344RAJ. A.I.P.Layout of house sites in S.No.8/2A,2B, 9/3 of Southupakkam village.Sholavaram P.U.L1/23380/20068/12/2006
121121/20062345RAVI. R.Layout of house sites in S.No.204/2, New. S.No. 174/7part of thiruvottiyur village.Thiruvottiyur MunicipalityL1/3547/20068/12/2006
122122/20062346DEVARAJ. S.Layout of house sites in S.No.44/1A, 45/2A, 2B of Kolapakkam village and S.No.216/1B of Nedunkundram village.Kattankulattur P.U.L1/22542/20068/12/2006
123123/20062347PANCHAKSHARAM. V.G.Layout of house sites in S.No.314, 315 of Kannapalayam village.Poonamallee P.U.L1/20389/20068/12/2006
124124/20062348MOHAN. G.Layout of house sites in S.No.165/1, 187 of Sembilivaram village.Sholavaram P.U.L1/23123/20068/12/2006
125125/20062349MURALI. S.D.Layout of house sites in S.No.352/9B, 353/2B2, 358/2A, 359/ 364/1, 365/1A of Kannapalayam village. Poonamallee P.U.L1/23411/200615/12/2006
126126/20062350VENKATESAN. K.V.Layout of house sites in S.No.115/1, 116/1,2A, 2B,2C,3A,3B,3C, 119/1,2, 120/1,2,3, 134/1,2,3, 135/1A of Sirunium village.Sholavaram P.U.L1/23750/200614/12/2006
127127/20062351THIRUMENI. P.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.109/4 of Noombal village.Thiruverkadu MunicipalityL1/21520/200614/12/2006
128128/20062352JAYAKUMAR. M.Layout of house sites in S.No.189/1, 2 of Mangadu village.Mangadu S.V.P.L1/24197/200615/12/2006
129129/20062353DAYALAN. C.& OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No. 395/4,5A, 396/2,3B,4A, 4B, 4C, 397/2B, 404/2C, 405/1,3, 4B, 5, 6A,7, 406/1 of Thirunindravur villagePoonamallee P.U.L1/24092/200615/12/2006
130130/20062354RUKMANI. M.R.Layout of house sites in S.No.1/3 of Kolatti village.Minjur T.P.L1/22278/200615/12/2006
131131/20062355VISALAKSHI. V.R.Sub division of industrial sites in S.No.284/7 of Kottivakkam village.St.Thomas Mount P.U.L1/24428/200621/12/2006
132132/20062356SUPARASCHAD. M.Sub division of house sites in S.No.354/8,9, 367/1, 367/4 of Puzhal village.Puzhal S.V.PL1/25177/200622/12/2006
133133/20062357SASIREKHA. D. & OTHERSLayout of house sites in S.No.8/1A1,5B,9/3,4A,4B,5A1,5B1A,10/3,4, 11/2C1,2C2,4,5,6,98part,100/2B, 109/2A,2B, 110/2part & 1378/2 of Kundrathur village.Kundrathur S.V.P.L1/24643/200626/12/2006
134134/20062358PANNEER SELVAM.D.PP - Regularisation of house sites in New D.No.10,Audiappa chetty street, R.S.No.977/3, B.No.14 of chindadripet village.Corporation of ChennaiL1/3488/200627/12/2006
135135/20062359DURAISAISAMY .V.S.Subdivision of house sites in S.No.65/1B & 65/2A2 of Perungudi village.Perungudi S.V.P.L1/24519/20063/1/2007
136136/20062360EASWARAN.E.R.Subdivision of house sites in S.No.368/1B,1C, 369/1D,1E &1F OF Mogapair village.Ambattur MunicipalityL1/12385/20063/1/2007
137137/20062361M/S SUMANTH & CO.PP Proposed layout of house sites in S.No.138/2 of Nandambakkam village.Nandambakkam S.V.P.L1/25132/20063/1/2007
138138/20062362DEVADOSS .V.N.Layout of house sites in S.No.47/2,3part,4part of Perumalagaram village.and in S.No.171/1A,1B,2,172/1,173, 174,672 & 673 of Ayanambakkam village.Thiruverkadu T.PL1/10944/20064/1/2007
139139/20062363RAMAMURTHY.A.Subdivision of house sites in S.No.7/1part & 12/1 of Vandalur village.Kattankulattur P.U.L1/24201/20063/1/2007