Collage of CMDA Building, CMBT, MRTS, ORR and CMDA Expansion in English and Tamil
Madhavaram Truck Terminal

In the interest of the economy andtrade and to decongest the Central Business District, CMDA has developed theTruck Terminal at Madhavarm over an extent about 100 acres at the cost of about Rs. 6 crores.It is located atthe junction of Inner Ring Road and theNorthern Trunk Road, with easy access to Chennai city, Port and Railways. Theterminal is functioning since 1992. The Objective of the project is to provide modern and functionally efficient truck terminal for the city, beneficialto the transport operators, lorry booking agents and general public.

It has been planned and providedwith adequate facilities for storage, loading / unloading of goods, vehicle repairs,idle parking, office space and other amenities and services required for thetransport operators. Provisions have also made for Auto work shop ,Administrative  Building , ElectricSubstation , Fire Station , Post Office, Police Station, Petrol Bunk,Warehousing , Truck Parking Area , Telephone Exchange , Weigh Bridge etc. 194 plots varying size (ranging from 220 sq.m to 880sqm.) were alloted to the truckoperators and the booking agents.