Collage of CMDA Building, CMBT, MRTS, ORR and CMDA Expansion in English and Tamil

TheGovernment of Tamil Nadu has constituted Chennai Metropolitan DevelopmentAuthority (CMDA) in 1974 statutorily under the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 . Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) extends over 1189 and comprises of ChennaiCorporation , 8 Municipalities , 11 Town Panchayats and 179 villagescovered in 10 Panchayats Unions

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One of the main functions of CMDA isto prepare Master Plan for the Chennai Metropolitan Planning area with contents as provided in the Act.  The Master Planfor CMA was consented by the Government in G.O.Ms No.1313 RD &LA Dept. dated 1.8.1975.  and it wasnotified in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette on 5.8.1975. The Development Control rules under First Master Plan was in force sincethen.  Final sanction for the First Master Plan was accorded by the Government in G.O. Ms.No.2395, RD & LA department dated 4.12.1976.

In super session of First Master Plan, the Second Master Plan for CMA was approved in G.O.Ms.No.190, H&UD dt.2.9.08 and was notified in the Tamil Nadu Govt. Gazette on the same day.The Second Master Plan for CMA is in force since 2.9.08.Revised land use plan and Development Regulations forms part of the Second Master Plan.

A copy of the Second Master Plan report(3 volumes) both in English and Tamil are available for public view in this Website.