Collage of CMDA Building, CMBT, MRTS, ORR and CMDA Expansion in English and Tamil

Detailed Development Plans for smaller pockets of area within Chennai Metropolitan Area underthe Act has been prepared for 56 planning units and obtained Government’sapproval.  The details of the DetailedDevelopment Plans approved by the Government are given below :

List of Approved Detailed Development Plans

Sl.No Name of the D.D.P G.O. Ms No. & Date
1 Anna Salai No.737 H&UD dt.26.04.91
2 Perambur North Area No.9 H&UD dt.03.01.81
3 Arunachaleswarar Area No.1071 H&UD dt.07.12.82
4 Jeeva Nagar Area No.1264 H&UD dt.27.09.80
5 Radhakrishnan Nagar Area No.1299 H&UD dt.04.10.80
6 Theyagaraya College Area No.458 H&UD dt.11.06.82
7 Vallalar Nagar West No.122 H&UD dt.20.03.97
8 Vallalar Nagar Central No.122 H&UD dt.20.03.97
9 Vallalar Nagar East No.122 H&UD dt.20.03.97
10 Vallalar Nagar South No.122 H&UD dt.20.03.97
11 Thiru Vi Ka Nagar Area No.1622 H&UD dt.29.12.80
12 Binny Mill Area No.1623 H&UD dt.29.12.80
13 Puliyanthope Area No.1072 H&UD dt.07.12.82
14 Perumalpet Area No.806 H&UD dt.20.05.83
15 Nammalvarpet No.1621 H&UD dt.29.12.80
16 Killiyur Area No.1417 H&UD dt.27.10.80
17 Gangadareswarar Area No.49 H&UD dt.11.01.80
18 Periyamet Area No.1234 H&UD dt.22.09.80
19 Nungambakkam Area No.1419 H&UD dt.27.10.80
20 Chetpet Area No.912 H&UD dt.17.07.80
21 Egmore Station Area No.805 H&UD dt.20.05.83
22 Poonamallee High Road TPS No.1123 H&UD dt.3.9.80
23 Napiar Park Area No.807 H&UD dt.20.05.83
24 Govt. Estate Area No.808 H&UD dt.20.05.83
25 Thiruvoteeswaranpet Area No.1488 H&UD dt.14.10.80
26 Chepauk Area No.915 H&UD dt.17.07.80
27 Marina Area No.1533 H&UD dt.22.11.80
28 Zambazar Area No.1288 H&UD dt.01.10.80
29 Amir Mahal Area No.1492 H&UD dt.14.11.80
30 Azhagiri Nagar Area No.1600 H&UD dt.22.12.80
31 Azad Nagar Area No.1266 H&UD dt.27.09.80
32 Krishnampet Area No.1286 H&UD dt.01.10.80
33 Vivekandapuram Area No.1672 H&UD dt.07.12.78
34 Karaneeswarapuram Area No.1437 H&UD dt.30.10.80
35 Mylapore-Santhome Area No.1423 H&UD dt.27.10.80
36 Nandanam Area No.1362 H&UD dt.17.10.80
37 Avvai Nagar Area No.1313 H&UD dt.09.10.80
38 Kalaivanar Nagar Area No.394 H&UD dt.14.03.86
39 Nakkeerar Nagar Area No.393 H&UD dt.14.03.86
40 Kannadasan Nagar Area No.693 H&UD dt.20.05.86
41 Rajaji Nagar Area No.1474 H&UD dt.19.09.86
42 C.I.T. Colony Area No.1490 H&UD dt.14.11.80
43 Todunder Nagar Area No.1602 H&UD dt.22.12.80
44 Ashok Nagar No.1624 H&UD dt.29.12.80
45 Rangarajapuram Area No.685 H&UD dt.21.07.82
46 Kamaraj Nagar Area No.1301 H&UD dt.04.10.80
47 Saidapet I (Map-2) No.196 H&UD dt.02.06.98
48 Saidapet Part-II No.35 H&UD dt.09.02.2005
49 Guindy Area No.1035 H&UD dt.12.08.80
50 Kottur Area No.1232 H&UD dt.22.09.80
51 Guindy Park Area No.1421 H&UD dt.27.10.80
52 Gandhi Nagar Area No.1230 H&UD dt.22.09.80
53 Urur Nagar Area No.1364 H&UD dt.17.10.80
54 Thiruverkadu No.1451 H&UD dt.11.09.86
55 Thiruvottiyur TPS Scheme 1 No.493 H&UD dt.17.05.85
56 Thiruvottiyur TPS Scheme 2 No.1315 H&UD dt.09.10.80
57 Thiruvottiyur TPS Scheme 8 No.489 H&UD dt.17.05.85