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LAYOUT module of ‘Online PPA’ has Gone Live since 19.09.2023. Henceforth, the Planning Permission Application for Layout approval shall be received only through online. The Applicants / Developers / Architects are requested to submit applications for Layout approval only online. New

From 01.09.2023 onwards, all the payments for Planning Permission Application shall be received only through online. Any payment made through NEFT/RTGS in the offline mode will not be honoured. All the Applicants / Developers / Architects / Licensed Surveyors are requested to strictly adhere to the above given instructions. In case of violating the above instructions the amount paid shall be duly refunded.

To implement an end-to-end Online Planning Permission System, the Local Bodies integration process requires a Structural Drawing. Henceforth, the Architects/Developers/Structural Engineers are requested to attach Structural Drawing and Design in .dwg format in the Online PPA Application and also furnish the detailed drawing of the foundation in the preDCR drawing.

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CMA Vision Citizen Survey Questionnaire for the Third Master Plan (2027-2046) for the Chennai Metropolitan Area.
சென்னைப் பெருநகரப் பகுதிக்கு மூன்றாம் முழுமைத் திட்டத்தினை (2027-2046) தயாரிக்க பொதுமக்கள் கருத்துக்கேட்பு படிவம்.

Questionnaire கருத்துக்கேட்பு படிவம்

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Chennai, the capital City of Tamil Nadu is the fourth largest Metropolitan City in India.

The expanded Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) comprises the Greater Chennai Corporation, Avadi Corporation, Tambaram Corporation, Kancheepuram Corporation, 12 Municipalities, 13 Town Panchayats, 1 Special Grade Town Panchayat and 22 Panchayat Unions (Comprised of 1321 villages). The present extent of CMA is 5904 ( The setting of Chennai is presented in the Figure).

The expanded CMA falls in five Districts of the Tamil Nadu State viz. Chennai District, parts of Thiruvallur District, Kancheepuram District, Chengalpattu District, and part of Arakkonam Taluk of Ranipet District.

CMA comprised of Greater Chennai Corporation, Avadi Corporation, Tambaram Corporation, 5 Municipalities & 3 Town Panchayats and 10 Panchayat Unions (comprising of 179 villages) with a total extent of 1189 under Chennai District and parts of Thiruvallur, Kancheepuram. In October 2022, the jurisdiction of CMA was expanded by inclusion of contiguous areas in 1225 villages.

The list of Local Bodies present in the erstwhile CMA and the expanded CMA is given here.