Collage of CMDA Building, CMBT, MRTS, ORR and CMDA Expansion in English and Tamil
      About CMDA
      Composition of the Authority
      Citizens charter
     Time frame
      Profile of CMA
     List of Local bodies in CMA
      2ndMaster Plan
      Gazette Notification for approval of II MP
      II MP-Proceedings and recommendations
      II MP-Review Meetings
      MP VOL.I Vision, Strategy and Action plans
      Review of First Master Plan
      Traffic & Transportation
      Social facilities
      Solid Waste Management
      Macro Drainage System
      Disaster Management
      Ecologically Sensitive Areas (Map)
      Spatial Strategy and land use Planning
      CMA Urbanization 1973-2006
      Development Regulation-Note
      Monitoring and Implementation of Master Plan
      CMA Existing land use-2006 Map
      Chennai city Proposed land use-2026
      Chennai city transport Network
      CMA transport network
      Study team
      Master Plan Vol. II Development Regulations
      Master Plan Vol. III Sectoral background
      List of approved Detailed Development Plans
      Criteria for listing Heritage Buildings / Precincts in Chennai Metropolitan Area
      Issuance of PP-Details of the Unit
      Green channel
      Formats of Green channel
      Consultancy and counseling counter
      PP & PP-FAQ
      Concessions to IT Development
      Applications accepted through local bodies
      Applications accepted directly
      Delegation of Powers to Local bodies for ordinary buildings
      Delegation of powers to St.Thomas Mount PU and EO Sholinganallur
      Details of PP Approvals for the last 5 years
      Ordinary buildings
      Special buildings
      Approved layout maps
      Multi-storeyed buildings
      Institution and Industrial buildings
      Reserved Approved public purpose Plots
      Reclassification of land use
      Reclassification Notification
      Download forms
      Form A
      Form B
      Form C
      Checklist to be enclosed with PP application for residential/commercial building
      Checklist to be enclosed with PP application for Multi storeyed building
      Checklist to be enclosed with PP application for Institutional/public Building
      Checklist to be enclosed with PP application for Industrial Building
      Checklist to be enclosed with PP application for reclassification of land use
      Formats for particulars of Development permitted
      Deed of reconstitution
      Certificate by the Architect/Engineer
      Points to ponder before buying Flats/Plots
      Enforcement Action
      Delegation of powers to Local bodies under Tamilnadu Acts 61 of 2008
      Tamilnadu Ordinance 2/2009
      Tamilnadu Ordinance 4/2008
      Tamilnadu Ordinance 1/2007
      Tamilnadu Ordinance 1/2007 - public notice
      High Court order on regularization scheme dated 23-08-06
      Supreme Court order dated 13-11-07
      High court appointed Monitoring Committee Meeting Minutes
      Norms for issue of completion certificate
      List of Completion Certificate issued
      Construction wing
      OSR site list
      OSR sites handed over to Corporation of Chennai
      OSR sites handed over to Municipalities
      OSR sites handed over to Town Panchayats
      OSR sites handed over to Panchayat unions
      Hand Book under RTI Act
      Constitution of CMDA
      Delegation of Powers to MS, CEO, CUP, SP & AO
      Details of printed Documents available for Public
      DDP-steps involved
      Details of Committees
      Details of PIO of the Authority
      Appellate Authority
      Decision making procedures
      Details of Budget allotted to Schemes
      Details of Subsidy
      Details of information available in Electronic form
      Details of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information
      Projects of CMDA
      Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex
      Market management committee
      Food grains market
      Bio Methanation Power project
      Iron & Steel market
      Maraimalai Nagar satellite town
      Madhavaram Bus cum truck terminal
      Contract carriage Bus Terminus
      Multi-level car parking
      Air space exploitation over MRTS stations
      Outer Ring Road
      Tamilnadu urban Development Project-III
      List of sub-projects
      Local body Assistance Programme
      Community Based Environment Programme
      Photos of CBED Projects
      Demand Collection and Balance status for MM Nagar, Koyambedu, Manali and I&SM
      CMDA Service Regulations
      Important Office orders
      Formation of New corporations in CMA
      Public Notice about corruption & malpractices
      Tender notices
      Press Release
      Photo gallery